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Fourth blog-versary - Final week giveaway

Do you remember these owls?
I made them also for Inacraft last April.
You may remember saw them here.

I haven't got time to reproduce them 
in papers, but some of you may adopt 
these owl decor printed in canvas already
at the event.

You have not?
Maybe today is your lucky day!

For my final week of giveaway,
I'll send the last batch of these cute owls
that still be with me now,
but will fly happily to their new home.
Could be your home!

With a bigger crowd coming every week
*thousands thanks and kisses for you all*
it's just seem fair
if I add the number of gift,
to make more participants happier, right?

How about,
if I am not just giving one,
or two,
or three,
but EIGHT owls?
 *jumping high and down*
I'll give away EIGHT of these decor owls,
one of each type,
for EIGHT lucky reader.
But sorry, this time you cannot choose. 
*again, sorry*

You know what you have to do, right?

1. Leave a comment here below this POST only
2. DO NOT forget to include your email
so I can contact you if you're the winner.
(unless if you are SURE I had yours already)
Some of you are not including email address
at your blog's bio, 
so if I can't contact you,
I'll choose someone else. Clear?
3. Follow my blog (if you haven't done so),
thank youuuu.....
4. Spread this giveaways' news 
on your blog/fb/twitter 
or to your neighbors,
to your co-workers, 
to anybody on the street(heh?),
it's good for your karma.
I believe in karma.
I hope you do too. *wink
5. Only 1 comment/person will be counted.
6. Only comments on my blog will be counted.
Comments on my fb will be appreciated.
7. I'll choose the winner RANDOMLY.
8. I'll send the gift ANYWHERE you are,
so yes, international readers are
very welcome to participate.
9. You can leave comment at all my 
giveaways' posts later (all four of them)
so I'll include you for each gift's drawing
at the end of this month.
That's mean, if you're super lucky,
you can win more than one gift! Yay!
10. If you've not done so,
pray every night.
Not to get this giveaway, of course,
God have millions things to take care of,
you silly!
Pray for your own's sake.

That's it!

I'll pick all lucky winners for
and today last giveaway,
on July 29th or 30th 
and of course I'll post all the winners
soon after.

Sending more love to you all today 
Always honored having you coming here.

first comment .. do i get an owl ?? hahahahahah ... joking joking ... great blog Ria ... as always have been a fan of yours .. :) Keep up the good work you have been doing !!!

Love Sharon

Yay !! Owl Squadron ATTACK !!

well, I have already adopt one of them, but still want moooreee ... ^_<
smoga bisa dapet, buat temenin siii sleepy owl tuuu, hehehee ..

overall..Happy Blog-versary mba ria. smoga slalu inspiratif yaa, aamiin..

Indah Budi Utari

Wow!! These owls are really cute, it will be perfect for my new home! Pick me please :) my email is joyjoy_Gera@hotmail.com

Love, G
Greeting from Singapore

Huaa..owl,like it like it very much
Da ga sabar nunggu akhir bulan ci ria (sambil komat kamit biar dpt giveaway).
One again...happy 4th blogversary.


I love your blog .... Karya-karya kamu oke banget .. I love your style ....pick me please ... hehehe ...

Salam kenal yah ...
Pimpi - SawoKecik

email : sawokecik@ymail.com

you can visit me at


This comment has been removed by the author.

oohhh yang inii mauu ^_^
ah kapankapan harus main main langsung nih ke workshopnya..
selamat hari jadi blognya :) makin detail makin seru makin kreatif..

as always..kita post di twitter @tusthatusthi
dan Fan page FB kita ;)

*berdoa mulai...


ᵔᴥᵔ email : ike.imutbanget@yahoo.co.id

ᵔᴥᵔ kalo jadi follower mah udah dari kemaren-kemaren, hehe.

ᵔᴥᵔ sip, udah di sebarin berita tentang giveaway ini via twitter (cek timeline @IkmaliaAnindita) plus aku bikin button di side bar blog aku (cek http://choco-melodies.blogspot.com), temen2 kosan aku sama temen2 YM aku juga udah pada tau semua lo.

ᵔᴥᵔ aku koleksi owl banget semenjak nonton dramanya vic zhou yang judulnya "wish to see you again". disitu diceritain kalo owl binatang yang bijak. dan actually ga cuma itu, owl ternyata lucu banget dan ngegemesin apalagi kalo udah dibikin barang-barang unik gini.

lol, i've pray whole day, especially sebelum bobo. aku berharap ulang tahun aku 31 juli ini bisa dapet kado boneka owl lucunya mbak ria. oh gosh ga kebayang senengnya!!! huwaaa excited! okay, brb mau berdoa lagi *wink*

Wahhh ada lagi mba..
ikut lagi yaaa

uda difollow..
'n uda disebar di blog
cek ja di http://nhagustina.blogspot.com/2011/07/blog-anniversary-giveaway.html

berdo'a semoga bisa memiliki giveawayny mba ria..
mohon do'anya juga y mb,, bentar lagi mau seminar skripsi, mau ngumpulin bahan buat bikin film angkatan.. semoga sukses buat kita semua...:)


Wow, salam kenal dari Manado... aku senang melihat bhw paper crafting mulai populer di indo...! singgah di blogku, ne! http://mamadinis.blogspot.com

Selalu senang berkunjung ke blog nya mbak ria :)
Ada giveaway lagi ya?ikutan yaaaa mbaaaak ?
udah aku sebarin lewat blog sm twitter .( @cittacitra / splash-red.blogspot.com )
suka bgt deh liat owl yang lucuuuu kaya gini ,semoga bisa dapet giveawaynya mbak ria .amiiiiin


unyu-unyu banget owl nyaa...
mau mau mau. .

uda followin blognya, uda di share di twitter @miss_a_you



im back!
last giveaways, totally wont miss it!
me me me me me me me me
I'll miss the awaits of giveaways after this last one!
pick me!!
if not gimme the SECOND week's giveaway.. yearning for those
i'm out of words saying how much i L.O.V.E your blog! <3
for suggestion: why dont you complie all the comments u've received from the giveaway and compile it into a beautiful scrapbook, from-your-fans-for-your-fans!
Thank you for considering whether to send me or not!
Much much love,
email: jezz_1808@yahoo.com

i want i want the giveaways! i'm great fans of yours, i saw your scrapbooking and it's awesome!! i wish i can have such creative ideas like yours! :D:D pick me pick me!


hurraaaayyy!!! the owls :D

thank you so much for choosing the owls as the final giveaways ci ria :)

i like it so much and dream to have one of them since the first time i saw them at inacraft :)

hope I'm the lucky one :)

keep inspiring ci :)

pick me... pick me....
Is it possible to get each week giveaway? I want them all. You can say I'm greedy but it was not my fault, all the giveaways are so lovely. Well, should I put my home address here as I am so sure I can get one of the giveaways... :))

Hug & kiss from Adelaide.

ddduuuhhh...giveaway lagi niiihh...ikutan lagi aaahhh...yang kemaren2 blm dapet soalnya...hihihihiihi...

aku sdh follow dirimu ya mba..even stalk you kl boleh...hehehehe...


boleh dong di follow balik sm mba ria di http://quirkystuffie.blogspot.com

giveaway butoon-nya sdh duduk manis di blog saya lho mba..monggo dicek...hehehehehe...

keep up the good works mba ria...love you..:)

yay another giveaway!!! ini favku, khas ria banget owlnya...

again, and agaiiin happy blogversary ya kak riaaa. Smg kau bs sll mjd inspirasi bagi smuanya

I love your style and would be so honoured to have one of your owls,i love them,
bless your kindness
love Liz

hopefully not too late :))

should i say something lagi?

they are great. and which one of your work that gak menampilkan sisi yang "ria banget" hahaha..

i'm not your fans, i'm your follower ^^~


ohhhh mbak riaaa.. salam kenal :))

ahh akuu mauu owlnya itu... bolehkah?? hihihi


happy blog-versary ya mabk riaa
aku enno - email : randrianiblog@gmail.com

aku bagi2an berita bahagia ttg giveaway ini :))

makasih kesempaytannya mbak ria

aku udah punya 1 mbak..dan menemani aq di kamar tiap malam... moga bs dpt 1 lg so my owl wont be alone anymore ;)

happy 4th blog-versary Ka Ria!!
Ditunggu terus karya2nya :D


I'm not a fans of owl until i follow your blog and see how cute an owl can be :) thanks Ka Ria!!


you are very very berry generous Ri, 8 of cutie owl? Ooww, i wish i can have one ^_*.....

Love u Ri, muachhhh & hugs :)

OWLnya...bagus2 ci...
boneka owl yg kemarin juga cute habisss...^_^...

benar2 jatuh cinta dengan hasil karya cici..

terus berkarya ya ci..

hugs, ana

OMG OWLLLL??? my loveee *hiperbola* hehhee.. but those olws really are just toooo adorable to be true.. really falling in love with them.. and yesss.. you are still inspiring me to do more scrap and blogging :) even pass that "new hobby" of mine to my cousin.. which end up with both of us taking your coming up class in about the traveling album.. :D really excited..
anyway.. im sooo thankful that i found your blog.. will keep passing the info to people around me.. *maybe even to strangers hehhee

really honestly saying,

yaay! another cute owl..
me want one pleaseee..:):)


Owl my, these are sooo cute!
I'd love to have one of them! ;)


dear owl.. please come and fly to my home..^^
I was never a fan of an owl! but you made me looking into an owl with a cuter point of view.. now i am falling head over heels with this cute vintage owl.. please be kind to me and let me have on of this.. whichever i don't mind since they are all cute!
email: the_coolezt@yahoo.com

love owl soo much...^^ want it, want it, want it..^_^
never been bored visit ci ria blog.
love it, muach..=)


asiiikk...ikutan lagiiiii...karena semua syaratnya dah kulakuin hehehe
burung hantu selalu lucu dan unik..burung bijaksana.. jadi inget almarhum nek uti suka cerita tentang burung hantu yg disebut kokok beluk oleh orang jawa, kata nenekku artinya sih burung berbedak tebal hehehe krn wajahnya yg putiiihh :D
semoga kali ini saya menang Tuhan.amin
akan sy siarkan di tuier tentang giveaway ini.

Waaaah, mau mau mau banget banget boneka owl-nya.

Empat tahun nge-blog dan konsisten: s-a-l-u-t.
Tetap semangat!
Daaaan semoga tak jemu-jemu memberikan giveaway yang lucu dan unyu-unyu. :D


aaah aku jatuh cintaaa, aku maaaauuu. maukah kau kepelukanku, oh owlie? *genit*

akan disebar sesebar-sebarnya *glek* sampai berserakan hehehe.

| middystephanie@ymail.com |

WOW. i want addopt them aaalll. i'm big fans of owl. anyway i already have 3 of them. but i want it more. :)

i wish i can win this giveaway.

Happy owl-day :)


WOW Ria!! EIGHT??!
Hopefully I'm lucky enough to get one of 'em to company Owlie here ;)

Happy Blog-versary again!

Muli Ong

never give up, still trying my best to get those jaw-opens giveaways :) thanks for the chance ri, thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for being so generous, coz 8?? Eight is many, really hope i can be one of those 8 ppl :)


ohhh my goooddd, it's soooo amazingggg :)) ...........

aku mauuuuuuu owlna ya mba ria, pleaseeee, buat aku sisain satuuu ajaa >_< *sambil do'a dengan khusuk mudah-mudahan kebagian*

oia, selamat "fourth blog-versary" ya mba :)

oia lupaa, udah aku re-post di blog aku, please cekkk http://namakupiena.blogspot.com/2011/07/banjirrrr-hadiah-fourth-blog-versary.html

makasih ya mba :))

ikutaaannn lagii aaahhh.....bonekanya lucu-lucu bangeeettt *maaaauuuuuuuuu to the max*
aku dah follow sejak kuis yang kemarin...
aku juga sudah iklankan giveaway ini ke twitter @epinEMPING

happy blogversary yaaa mbak riaaa....


wuaaaah the owl is super cuteeee !!
this is my first time visiting your blog because i see your blog link from my friend's Facebook :)
and today is my 19th birthday hehe, i hope i can have one of your cute owl as a birthday gift hahaha


Hepi 4th blog-versary ci Ria....
Thx u so much for sharing with us n always inspiring us.... *hug*
Hope I'm lucky can get the Owl... Hehehe.... *pray*

Fb : Nora mauleti
Email : patricia_liu2705@yahoo.com

I would love to adopt this cute family of owls very very much.... what a wonderful giveaway!!

ci Riaaaaaa,, aaah smoga tidak telat, hueheuheue.. the owl freak is hereee, qiqiqiq....
ci Ria, maap yaa lum sempat ikut kelasnya walopun uda sering lewatin kelasnya kalo di GI dg nyeces2 di jendela kacanya sampe berbekas2 minyak muka. hahahha...
anw, i enjoy your creativity so much ci Ria. you're so talented ci.. envy u hihihi...
aku sebar2in deh blognya, spya kalo ada yg mo ikutan trs dapet hadiahnya, bisa aku palakin owlnya, qiqi..
otre dehhh, koq jd curcol gini yak :o

owl always love u :)
stela ludong

wish stela ludong all her luck .. as she is owl-lee freaky lover ... and all of ur owls will be taking care very well ... ;)

wow, you have lots of cute owls ..
Interesting to see a lot of people who are very creative, one of which you sis ..
may not be easy to start anything related to the artistic creations .. especially if he/she has a family ..
but you have broken the assumption of that, with all your business with your family, but you still found time to be creative .. amazing to see how a paper can you change it into pretty owls ..
I hope your work will inspire many people to be more creative ..
salam kenal ..

Aaaa love the owl ;)
Gimme one please tehee :P
You are so inspiring and creative! Glad to know your blog here *hugkiss*


Omg! I love owls!!! My favorite is the one at the upper right corner, one with huge eyes!! but all of them look pretty! Thank you for the chance!


oh!! owl !!
memang gak ad matinya >,<

haloo mbak ria :D salam kenal ya mbak..ak dya..
ikutan ya mbaaak ^^
okey.. dya pajang di blog ya.mudahmudahan bisa kepajang di kamar .hehe :P
email : ciss.handmade@yahoo.com
sebarin ke ym..whatsApp jga aaahhh.. ^^

*pasti kebawa mimpi deh :(
soo..buat ak ya mbakkkk owl nyaa..hHAA :D

is it hand made?
I'm first time here.

and You have a give way!! Yakkk..
this is my mail : cindikya.saftiari@gmail.com

I'm follow you. I post in my blog. so, hope you can visit my blog!

Great thanks for youu..
and nice to meet you..

Aku mauuuuu...salam kenal ya mba Ria..sudah disebar di twitter, dan aku taruh di sidebar blog!:)...emailku:desaboneka@gmail.com

udah punya satu, pengen nambah lagi ;)
*crossing my fingers, hoping to win one of those adorable owls*


Salam kenal mbak ria sayang..udah follow yah ke blognya...

berharap dapat owlnya..hihihi..habis tiap ikut give away belum pernah menang hehehe

emailku : diengustiindra@yahoo.co.id

kreasinya keren habis...ngiri.com aye...

berharap menang kali ini..hik...hik

Salam kenal mbak
1. Selamat hari jadi nih...semoga makin keren kreasinya
2.udah follow nih mbak, follow balik yah
3. udah di share nih di blokku http://kreasicantiqdien.blogspot.com/2011/07/give-away-lagi-di-bulan-juli.html, FB juga twitter

lagi demen ama owl dan juga udah nyoba bikin bantal boneka owl walau nggak sebagus karyanya mbak..

berharap banget menang kali ini hahaha..owl..owl..kerumahku ya..

Dien Angreini sagita
email: diengustiindra@yahoo.co.id

Wow sorry if i have to say "I heart them" hehe..:D
plisss..pick me to be the one of the winner..^^
I will spread this lovely giftaway on my FB, twitter, blog..soon after this..^.*

Love , edhini

semua persyaratan... done!
alamat email: annesya.devania@gmail.com

oh ya sebagai tanda terima kasih, saya ikutan share di sini ya...
semoga selalu inspiratif mbak :)

Hi, I'm Jessica
wooww,, what a nice give away,mbak Ria,
please pick me to be the one of the winner.. :)
I'm gonna spread this giftaway on my FB, twitter, blog..soon...

You can contact me at:

visit my blog at:

Those owls are cute cute cute! :)

- fettyfth@yahoo.com

mba...aku cantumkan link dan owlmu ya di blog SMP Terbuka Jingga. berharap jadi inspirasi dan langkahnyata utk anak2 SMP Terbuka agar life skillnya mengembang selayaknya sayap kupu2 :) mampir ya...http://jinggalifeschool.blogspot.com/2011/07/life-skill-nya-jingga.html

Owlnya lucu ci ria.. smoga dpt :) btw,masi sempet kan ci?
email: pink_cesca@yahoo.com

sudah aku pasang di fb juga :)
please cek di

makasih mba :)

mbak ria happy blog-versary ya...
I like owl so much.. ampe aku pesen wood owl in your store (facebook ) and mbak ria blg mao check stock dl and bakal d kabarin ampe skrg ga d kabarin jg, hikz.... hope I get this owl that you want to giveaway, I will take care your owl like I take care my son... hehehe...

love Fera

Hello there :)
Dear Mrs Ria, firstly, maybe it's time for me to say : i really love your craft :) .
I had 2 items from Bagus-Bagus: papergift and owl keychain when i bought it from Crafty Days @ Tobucil last May...i don't use the papergift until now to cover the gift but i use it as a background when i photo my dolls... it's so unique idea :)

Now, i just could wait and see if i can get 1 of your owl giveaway... Thankyou Cici Ria :)

Dear all.......
Thanks so much for joining this giveaway's event!
*BIG hugsss to all*
Now it's closed, so the comment after mine here will not be counted in the drawing on Sunday, July 31st.

Will let the winners known shortly after.

Sending you more love.

wanna wanna wanna, mbak riaaa!!! *yang bernama sama denganku!! hihihiih.. wah saingannya banyak amaat!!
sudah dipublish!! YAKDESS!! sempga berjodoh!!

mba ria, owl nya lucu sekali. aku selalu mengagumi karya2mu yang lucu dan imut. terutama owl nya.. semoga aku bisa dapet 1.. :)


Mbak ria maafffff saya masih bisa ikutan gak mbak .....mbak ria mau owlnya ya mbak ....you always inspired me ....:)

wajib ikut dan gak boleh ketinggalan ...

1. love your blog !semua ide ,materi yg dipake bisa jadi refrensi untuk pillow2 ku selanjutnya biar tambah ciamik ...
2. belinda_regina@yahoo.co.id
3. followed
4. done

5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 : pray .. wish me luck sebelum hari ini pukul 23.59



ah, I'm too late T^T
it already 31st of July today T^T
but it's ok, I'll wait for another giveaway (really hope u do it again later hhe)

AAH imut banget. i dont care whether or not im getting these owls. i just love your works. they're eccletic. unique. and alive.


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