May 28, 2013

ATC Swap at Made With Love

Finally we gathered for the first ever 
Made With Love's ATC SWAP on May 18, 2013!
With the fun cooking's costumes
for photo prop...
and good food and good cheers,
and of course, good ATC cards
that we received with wow and aaah
and big smile on the faces...

See you all at the next event!

May 27, 2013

Europe into albums - part two

As I promised,
there will be part two for this
and I jumped high and down -literally-
for the finished of all the Europe's tour
day one-fourteen photos into albums.

Nothing can help make the travel memories
become more vivid better than 
scrapbook them one by one!
*Hands down!*
*Tell you the truth!*

So for the past 5 months,
I re-taste all the memories of this journey
and put them lovingly into mini albums.
There was time when
 I leave this project for days
-even weeks-
when life gets by in the way.
But I always come back.
As I set the bar high for myself, 
to finish the travel album before 
the next trip coming,
(which is this school holiday next month)
*closing eyes*
I'm glad all are done.

Let's go down with the details.
I found this Christmas tree bell's charm
 somewhere at the gift store there
that still had Christmas sale up to 90%!
It's not even 1 euro!
But, boy, the memory and the beauty of it
when it hangs here in my album.

Our absolutely favorite memory :
when the kids playing outside
in the snow - and raining -

Going to make 12x12 layout
with these pics for sure.
But that can wait.



Look at the cute doll charm hanging there!
It was a keychain.
Love the detail, color and the size is
just perfect for the mini album.

Another key chain I found at
the museum souvenir's shop.

And the last destination,
yes, yes, yes,


Spent the first day in Paris 
at Euro Disneyland.
Not as detailed and thrilling as
the one in Japan,
but it was fun even with me trembling
the whole time there with such cold wind.  

Of course, Disney's key chain is a must.

This cover was actually a greeting card.
 The Mickey's figure was already pop..
it just took seconds to find the right spot
for the mini Eiffel magnet that
I can't resist buying.


Right there.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Not every tour get the chance
to visit Eiffel Tower twice, actually.
But since we arrived at Paris
at the New Year's Eve
-yes, with traffic jam all over the city-
and ALL the stores were closing early,
*sad faces*
we'd been given extra tour 
from Arc de Triomphe to Eiffel Tower.
New Year's Eve at Eiffel!

How about that?

Although this is the third year
for Eiffel Tower not to put fireworks
on New Year's Eve,
the view was indeed still spectacular.

And we had the chance for a city tour
again on the last day 
before heading to the airport
-even go up to second level of Eiffel-
*again, very lucky with the 
tour arrangement for this,
looking at the amount for people who queue
to go up there..Oh,Lord*

And for this special last album,
the choices with Eiffel and France themes
were too overwhelming.
But I felt in love with this simple
fabric mouse pad with Eiffel stamped on it
I found at a gift store in Jakarta,
so I chose it.
And when it folded to form album covers,
the size was just right 
with all the albums that already finished.


Everything in Paris was overpriced
-I think-
*no wonder*
This red keychain was about 12 euro
at big shopping centre there..
-of course we didn't get a chance
to find any cheaper souvenirs
at other places-

A special place deserved for it then.

Too many memories.
Too many wishes to come back there.

All and all will be put in a box
that I made earlier here.

Hope you get inspired to scrap your journeys
into album or albums too!
Believe me,
it worth all of your time!

Keep scrapping!

May 7, 2013

ATC swap

Made fifteen of this ATC cards
(double side)
for an ATC swap event at Made with Love.
We all will get the ATC revolving holder
from 7 gypsies
(which I already had one,
but since I love it, one more will be
no problem at all..)

Just simply washi tapes here and there,
some medium like gesso, embossing powder,
acrylic paint, crackle accent,
and mika flakes will do the charm.

will be back 
with the fun report from the event!

May 1, 2013

Next workshop at Rumah Inspirasi

My next workshop will be at 
Rumah Inspirasi Martha Stewart Living 
(for BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE scrappers only)

Sat, May 18th 2013
14.00-17.00 (please be on time)
Rumah Inspirasi - Grand Indonesia, skybridge lt.5 

Moulin Rouge Area
 call Indah/Carol 021 3983 7519 ext 3401 
Fee : 450.000IDR inc workshop kit, 
free MSL magazine for 3 month, 
goodie bag and snack.
What to bring :
scissor, cutter, cutting mat, ruler, 
glue, double tape, foam tape, distress ink.
LIMITED book your spot soon.....

See you there......

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