October 31, 2010

One thing that scares me in : OCTOBER

People's fates are simplified by their names.  
Elias Canetti

I used to think
that my name means nothing important.
What's in a name?
(Shakespeare had answer for that)
what's in mine?

Ria means happy
Nirwana means heaven
So I suppose,
I should called myself
'happiness from heaven?'
'heavenly happy?'
But, wait. I am not talking about that.
I am talking about putting .com
behind your name

I am going to tell you about that story.
When I decided to make a website months ago,
my good friend of our family said,
"Ri, I already registered your domain here,
you can check it out whenever you're ready."

I hadn't even think of the name yet.
But that day, the day I heard it,
my name + dot com,
I got scared. 

Who am I, anyway?
Oprah.com is sensational. 
Aliedwardsdesign.com is inspiring.
I do put my dreams written in the stars,
but still,
it is scary.

while I accept my rianirwana.com domain
as a gift - literally-
and a sign -from the universe-
I keep working on the inside of the web.
Many deadlines and events come and go,
even until I type this post,
the website haven't 100% working perfectly.

But today,
I can speak to myself, and to you,
my website is here to send love and happiness
to everyone who come.
I made my stuff that been sold there with
love and happiness,
I wrote blog posts always with the same spirit.
And of course, many classes and events next
will only bring happiness to those who attend.
That simple.
My fate are simplified in my name.
To give you happiness,
through my website and all.

You cannot truly know what your worthiness,
until you see it through other people's eyes.

And always,
always from my heart.

To you dear reader who comment or email me
for questions,
I'm not the kind of people who answer 
your question below your comment here.
I believe it will be more appropriate
to send the answer or just to say thank you
for visiting my blog, directly to your email/blog.
Sadly, many of you didn't leave your email address
or your blog address, so I cannot contact you back.
Please do not wonder why I still haven't 
contact you back, 
it because I am not having your address,
that's all.
Just send your questions again to
and make sure you write your email address there.
Thank you, dear.

Spread your wings and fly

Spread your wings and fly,
artsy girls...

Words cannot express my deepest gratitude
to you all who signed up
for the artsy girls workshops next month
through some short notice and changes.
Just sending the love back to you,
and hopefully you can spread it again.

We are gonna make it!
Keep being artsy
Keep whistling happy tunes
Keep seeking
Keep learning
Keep growing
Keep spreading those wings

Until we meet again soon.
Happy flying.

October 29, 2010

Sweet Serendipity

Isn't this sweet?
Soooo sweet.
I am not referring to the scrapbook stuff.
(although they are sweet too, sure)
I am talking about the cans.
The ivory tin square cans 
that I've imagined long time ago
to be mine.
To hold exactly these sweet stuff.
The boxes were all worn out,
but the cans will stay.
But I could only found the round cans.

Until yesterday.

I was looking for some decorations
for another food court
that will be open soon.
(I am an interior decorator in disguise, remember?)
And at the kitchen tools corner,
I found these cans!
These ivory tin square cans!
The exact type I long for.
There were only eight left.
And of course,
 I took them all.
*evil laugh.

I was going home with giddy.
Like a girl having 100 in the exam.
In a very tough exam.
Yeah, baby. That good.
And yes,
last night I took out all the treasures,
chipboards, stickers, rub ons, and else 
and organize them in these cans.

After that,
I put the cans on the rack in my studio,
just to be amazed on how perfectly those cans
fit into the rack.
Even 1cm in difference will be disaster.
I could not believe my luck.
This is such sweet serendipity.
No words fit more perfectly for this.

I am typing these and still smiling.
Hope you find some sweet serendipity too,
somewhere in your corner of the world.

October 25, 2010

Be kind

Be kind. 
If you do absolutely nothing else 
with your life, 
be kind.

Kindness is simple things. 
Giving an honest compliment 
Giving a free hug
Asking someone how they’re doing
Smiling at someone you recognize
Smiling at someone you don’t recognize
Saying hello
Having a conversation about the weather
Helping someone pick up their things
Giving someone a ride home
Hold on the door for someone
Buying coffee for an acquaintance (or a stranger)
Talking to a person you don’t normally talk to
Noticing when someone is acting strangely and ask
Act as if everyone you meet is in that place
Act as if every person you come across is going through hell. 
If you knew someone was having a horrible day, you wouldn’t scowl and curse at them when they crossed your path, wasting your precious seconds. 
You would be kind.

So be kind, 
because you never know 
what someone else is going through. 
And you will never know 
when the times comes 
which you really need some kind act, 
and someone is there for you.

In the pic is my mom and my nephew,
from whom I learned so much about kindness,
patience and silver linings.

October 17, 2010

Everything has its purpose

Learn to get in touch 
with the silence within yourself, 
and know that 
everything in life has purpose. 
There are no mistakes, 
no coincidences, 
all events are blessings 
given to us to learn from.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

As I'm preparing for ARTSY GIRL GETAWAY
many things have been changed from
the first plan months ago.
Even before it has some form of solid schedule.
And with all the participants waiting patiently.


There are no mistakes.
There are no coincidences.

So I take all the changes that been given
to me on my plate right now as another blessing.
If I am not knowing now 
what it will going to be like,
someday I believe it will find its own purpose,
like everything else in life.

I am ready to take the un-walked path.
With my beautiful angels.

October 11, 2010


This is the day
After a month full of preparation for the event,
I arrive at this moment, at 7 am,
ready to welcome my guest in front of my booth.

Woke up this morning at 4am 
after two nights in a row
couldn't get a proper sleep,
getting the display ready,
and now,
from 7 am till night,
it feels like everything moves slower.
Must be lacking oxygen supply to the brain.
I cannot think.
I just be there.

I am very fortunate one to get visited by
many of friends, families and some of
my blog readers that I even never met before!
Some friends are especially made the trip
from Jakarta to visit. Oh my.
I am a fortunate one.

Sorry to you which I completely forgot to take
picture with, or had no change,
because this was what happen in my booth,
after that sweet calm moment at 7am,
all through the day till night at 8pm
when we finally closed.
This was how it looks like.

The crowd were unbelievable.
The sun was simply too shiny.
I was getting help at 2 pm
from a cold, really cold,
ice coffee brought by such a good friend
who couldn't even get inside,
she just waving her hand outside my booth.
(Oh,thank you, dear!)

Many things were sold out.
Owl bags. Owl pencil case.
Comic pencil case-I brought 100 of them.Gee.
Thanks God.
Thank you all
for heart-ing my handmade stuff.
I am sending you more love back today.

When I tried to juggling all things
that left behind while I was preparing this event
back into the normal track this week,
I will try my best to upload
some things that still can be bought online
to my website,
as soon as me and my programer have spare time.
*Spare time,huh? Nice word.

I am really appreciated your patience
and please do visit soon.

Hugs from my giant owl

October 6, 2010

0fficial posters of PASAR SENI ITB 2010

What a loco days.

I know. I know.
I had been missing from blog-land.
These past few days,
my world was simply going loco.
That is a new word that going
around and around in my home these days.

"Mom, these owl's eyes are loco"
"Don't step into my studio,
or I am going loco with you."
"Mom, Sam is doing loco thing"

You get the picture.
Loco is crazy.
A funny kind of crazy,
but still is.

My world and my studio is sooo loco right now.
Precious time not been 'wasted'
by posting or uploading pics,
but binding, glueing, packing,
making website background,
and any million things more for the website 
to be ready also on 10/10/10.

And my studio?
You don't want to see it.
And you cannot step into it.
Too messy.
Too many things lying around.
Too loco.

Four days left.
This road to Pasar Seni is almost over.
And a new deadline and projects
will appear at day 1 after it is over.
(I postponed so many appointments and classes, 
activities, artsy girl retreat and jobs 
until this event finished,
and boy, only I can imagine
how hectic my life after 10/10/10.)

More items are finished, finally.
I finished more birdie journals.
And owl bags.
Oh, such owl bags.
And they are my favorite.
Only you,
who will come to PASAR SENI
will see them first hand,
as a surprise.

And don't forget,
the twill tape at the picture above 
are ready to greet you there too. 

Be nice to them all, will you?

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