November 25, 2009

Some bird cages.

Told you that blog hopping is addicted. And will spark your mind so gooood. I visited Roben Marie 's blog last night and found those cute little bird cages are really irresistible. Arrgh. So I doodle some bird cages while the kids did their home work.
Then after they felt asleep ( I referring to the kids, of course), I put gesso, acrylic paint and do a little bit of this and that to them ( to the bird cages....not to the kids, of course....LOL). See what I got here? A bunch of cute things......
And of course, after got to this phase so far, I cannot just stop.......I sticked the bird cages to left over tags, quote papers, anything I can find near by my desk.
Even to a clothing label that I save from a shirt (Oh, yes, I can't stand clothing label on my back and I save everything cute......)

Tadaaaa........these are cute, don't you think?

The finished bird cages on 2 a.m last night (yes, that late) :
They will pop up anywhere between my art journals, scrapbooking pages, paintings, diary, cover albums....yeah, that kinda need lots of things to stick, eh? LOL.

Happy creating to you, buddies!

November 23, 2009

November 2009 - Life Project

This is my biggest Life Project ever.
I have 4x6m2 scrap room and just imagine I can decorate it the way I love it, enough to give me an amazing delight. My best project in life for sure.
This is the condition of the room at 5 p.m today when I left it to go back to my old home. Yes, I still will not be at the new home until Dec 10. It's still sort of just-put-everything-anywhere-you-see-space right now.
Since I still have living room,master bed room, dressing room, two kiddy bed rooms, dining room, play room, library-living room, three bathroom, kitchen, two porch and one pond to think of, decorate also, and of course, to fill in with furnitures and things. Ah yay. It's kinda exciting-exhausting things (the percentage of that two certainly change from day to day).
I have this strong feeling that I can finish what I have to do with allllll that rooms above in this two weeks more time, but for that scrap room? Even two months will not be enough. Sigh. To organizing, decorating, sorting, and making everything right. Too much amazing delight.
I promise I'll post the detail of all the rooms and spaces when they are ready.
And you know what I will do tomorrow?
I am going to set up our big Christmas tree in the living room! Yay!
But for now, I am going to hibernate for a few hours.
See you soon.

November 19, 2009

Go visit some new artists!

I just finished adding many new links of woooonderful artist's blog from Artful Blogging magazines. Their blogs and their works really brought tears to my eyes when I saw them. My jaw just opened wide the whole time...and made sound,"Ooooh......." or "Waowww...." and "My gosh!"
So....what are you waiting for?
Check them all at the right side of my blog under 'The blogs I love', start from the bottom.
Go uh and oh and ah like I did!
Go visit some new (at least new to me) artist!
Go make some new friends!
Go! Go! Go!

It's all about fun.

This layout is not recently made. But I just get the chance to share it now.
It's fun to dig up your left over chipboard and foam letters to make title.
It's fun to make the background using acrylic paint and play with it.
It's fun to be able to squeeze eight pictures in one page.
It's fun to watch her naturally jumped into the pond.
And of course....
It's fun having her as my daughter (even when she smelt fishy and yucky afterwards).....

Hope you have fun too today!

November 16, 2009

A story from last night.

Adam is into card games right now.

So every night (or every time he saw someone is free), he asked to play. His favorite game is 'cangkulan'( I don't know what it called in English) almost every night I played it with him. I restricted the time to only 5 times of games (yeah, he asked to play the whole night if I let him).
And, last night, this was what happen :

Adam : Oh, win again!
Mom : Oh..yeah...oh...yeah....(While danced in victory dance that Dea taught me).
Adam : All right....what do you want to drink, mom?
Mom : What?
Adam : Daddy said that the winner can get the drink on his choice, and the loser have to provide it....
Mom : Oh, sweeet.... (picture me with a grin)....Then, I would like a lemon tea, please....just grab the sachet one in the kitchen, okay, honey....
Adam : Okay, mom.....

He was back with my victory's drink five minutes later.
Mom : Thank you, honey......
I drank it a bit and put it on the side table.

Adam : Mooom....can I have your lemon tea... (picture him with naughty eyes)
Mom : (Since mom thought that it is such a rare chance to have a drink made by her son, she want to enjoy it until the last drop...) go make yourself one! (Oooh, you are mean mom....LOL)
Adam : Okay....okay.....

He poped up again from the kitchen in five minutes, with his drink.
He drank it, then he looked at me. Seriously. (It looks funny now, but not at that moment. Really) I am sure that moment he felt panic and it showed in his eyes.
Adam : Mom, your drink must be terrible, right?
Then it was me who felt panic.
Mom : What do you put in the drinks, Adam?
I raised my glass and tasted like lemon tea....but, what is it?

Then he burst into laugh......
Adam : I forget to stir it mom! Look....all the powder is still in the bottom....
He raised his glass. Still laughed uncontrollable.
I burst into laugh too.
Thank God I didn't drink something yucky!

And several times after that, even when we went to bed, we still laughed when remember it. Such a good laugh.
That is one thing for sure I want to remember.

What is your story today?

Boys do not grow up (I wish).....

When I saw one of Ali Edwards LO' on Creating Keepsakes last month (sorry, I am not sure it was Oct or Nov edition since all my mags already packed in boxes, I can't check), I love the simplicity on that page and feel I have to make that kind of LO right away. The only tool you need is your corner punch....and voila....done. (I didn't glue the LO on white cardstock, it's only for the base when I took the pics) I carefully chose pictures that showing the essence of boyhood, and yet, because I want the blue color remains as the main color with a little bit red essence, the pics should be in that tone too. Simple in technique must match with simple in colors.

And, yes, yes, yes....I wish this boy doesn't have to grow up.....(at least, not too soon...)

November 15, 2009

One thing leads to another.

Starbuck Journal for 2010 needs 26 stamps.(Yes, 26.)
26 stamps need 26 cups of coffee/tea/any drinks.(Yes, that's a looot)
After two years in a row writing in Starbuck Journal gave me joy, of course the hunting for that stamps begin....and in about 10 days, I brought back these lovely Christmas paper bags safely home with me. I fall in love with the colour that is not too bright, but still feel christmasy to me.
You know me....this girl must thinking about making something with these things. LOL. You couldn't be more right.
And this is what I made so far :
Cut the paper bag into 5 pieces. Front, back, two sides, and bottom. I don't need the bottom part, so I put it aside. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard with 18x25cm in sizes.
Glue one cardboard to the front cover and one more to the back cover with gel medium. Then cover the whole paper with gel medium one more time to seal it. A quick timing in working with gel medium and the right pressure will give you the 'no bubble trapped' result. However, you also need to be patient. Sometimes, when you leave the work overnight, the result will be crisp and flat in the morning.
After the cover and the back were done, I cut light brown suede fabric slightly smaller than 18x25cm, then glue it to the inside cover, again with the gel medium. But this time, to make the softness of the suede remain, I didn't cover it again with gel medium, I left it just as it is.
After that, cut 9x24,5 cm cardstock and glue the sides motif from the paper bag to it. Make the cardstock get covered both sides with the paper.
Right now, all I can think of is... this could be a good cover for my December Daily 2009 album. Although I still get no clue what will I put inside. But as always, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, right? And tonight I make that single step. Later, the album probably looks like this:
Hope you can find this idea useful.
And, of course, wish me luck on getting that Starbuck Journal soon. *wink*

November 12, 2009

We believe.

We believe in books. We believe in paper. We believe in film. We believe in the tangible. We believe in the design of the voyage. We believe in the world-altering power that is art. We believe in the alchemy of the photograph. We believe the image is as potent as the words. We believe the right book can change someone's life.
(Jenifer Altman)

November 11, 2009

Oh, no!

My honey bee scissor worked very hard on this layout..but I think it's worth it. Do you agree? It warms my heart when I see the finished piece....recording my son natural reaction to mom's too much camera shoots. Such a precious moment. Then, in the end, I treasure my story more than all the work that my honey bee did....(sorry, 'honey'...LOL...)
What is your story, today?

November 10, 2009

Almost ready.

In a week, this place will be clean and crisp to be decorated. Yup. Our new home is almost ready! Next week, I'll move the stuff that we don't use daily such toys, books, etc...then hopely in early December we can truly move in. Oh, we are soooo excited.. Above is soon to be our dining table, and the yellow (yes, yellow) wall will lead you to our kitchen.
This is the play room for the kids to go crazy....that connect with my scrap room.
What? Scrap room? Shhh.
You hear me right, buddies....In this home I will be able to have my own, very own, scrap, paint, read, sing, play....and to go crazy like my kids will. This room with the celery green wall is mine. All mineeeee.......
My husband also have his own room side by side with mine, to do all his agenda...All of those rooms open to the inner garden with a pond.
And this will be our library and cozy room upstair. I am thinking to combine the Starbuck and Aksara book store's feel in this room. You know what I mean. Aha. All the cozyness, without the cashier.

And from that window, this is the view.
Starbuck+Aksara+nice view = not bad at all, right, buddies?(wink) But right now, Audy and I still get headache from time to time to finish all the detail. Like this morning activity that became his daily routine.
Dreams do come true.
Only if you make them some room in your life to be in to.
Have a nice day too, buddies.

November 9, 2009

Yellow, sometimes.

I am not a big fans of yellow, unfortunately.
No yellow in the closet. No yellow in the kitchen wares. No yellow in my paper stocks.
But, sometimes, just sometimes, I smile when I see yellow....
There is some beautiful energy in that color that burst into the air when you use it.
Then I bumped into this yellow cardstock (that must be accidentally came home with me) one night during my scrap time, and, I smile.
Oh, why not?

I made the blue background using acrylic paint and lots of water. Then put a little bit modeling paste for the background of my title and at the bottom of the page. Made the fishes from fabric scraps (my Textures of Life's class attendances will know where this scrap came from...) and dig my stash of Thickers to make the title with a touch of fun.

Of course, the second page will naturally had a splash of yellow, since yellow was the subject of the day.
I still used the basic theory for visual triangle happily until today cause it gave my page a strong impact every time.

Hope yellow make you smile too, somehow.

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