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LIFE ARTIST - the class room - March 6th 2010

Six hours were definitely still not enough for these wonderful and dedicated scrappers to have fun doing transfer images, painting, gesso-ing, chatting, eating, bonding, sewing, hair drying (no, not to the hair, but to the canvas for sure) and scrapbooking till drop.
And this canvas mini album is just a perfect project to try out many new things you've been wondering about, or afraid to try one technique out......
I am so glad that everyone jumped in with enthusiasm...some with perfect result, some with big heart accepted that they may need some more practice to get a better result....

Here are the classroom.....

Break time for some pizza..........and bonding....and chatting.....
And after lunch......I think everyone need a bust with a lucky draw.......I gave away two voucher for getting 50% discount on my next class! Wohooo........these were the lucky scrappers.....and happy faces........
Back to work, ladies........
Almost finished........Now let's put the pages together with some threads...........
Although they all still have to continue the project at home (cause we all so exhausted after 6 hours scrap time and I still have another meeting with my family at the town, I really had to close the class)....all were excited with what they got.
Especially meeting other passionate scrapbookers, which are hard to find.......
I am so so glad to create the class where we all could have fun with the project and the friends we met....and when the album is all completed.....hopefully will make you all feel a sense of accomplishment. You are truly a great scrapbooker! And I will be so honored if you all join me back in my next class. :)

The one lucky scrapper who get 'best dressed' gift from me
is no.5 person from the right
in my first picture on this post
(come on, you have to roll up again to see the first picture....:))

Congratz, Alice......
I'll send your gift to your address next week! :)

P.S again
I will post the complete album tomorrow here.:)

HuaaAAA..!! (Hysterically Happy) Yess..Yess!! Thankss soouu mmnuch Riaaa!!

Wow..you are sooo creative.. that's a piece of art indeed :) asik banget tuh kayanya kelasnya!

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