August 27, 2008

A gift for you

All of us are gifted;
some just open our packages
earlier than others.

Whenever you feel less creative, not worth it, not talented enough, and get the thought, why can't I think of that?
(like I, myself, get all those feeling tumbling down my chest every once in a while), pick up this quote and smile.
Like I did, big time, when I got this quote when I open my email box today.
Such a sweet gift.

August 26, 2008

Are you poor or rich?

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.
In your soul are infinitely precious things
that cannot be taken from you.”
Oscar Wilde

Yet, I still feel surprised to see the number of people who religiously stack on their ordinary riches..
And although they knew very well that it can be stolen or gone, they still be incredibly sad or mad when it is indeed be stolen or gone.
Please go after the real one.
Life is short.
And we are not having all the time that we think we had at the first place.

August 21, 2008

welcome to our new family pets

Yes, they are turtle.

Not dog like my daughter always wishing for.

"Oh, honey" (I said this to her countlessly for the zillion times) "Look at our small home..we can't have a dog in this small space...he needs to run here and there to be happy."

She then (always) puts a sad face.

"So if we have a big home someday, can I get a dog?" (again, for the zillion times...)

hmmmmm, let's see.

"We tried two times already for you to have a dog, but then after a couple months you neglected him so we had to sent him to daddy's office so he could be taken care by the office boy, remember?"
"Promise, mom, I will take care of the dog this time."


"How about this, let's start with the turtle, ok?"
"Yes, yes, yes! Oh, thank you mom, can we have turtle?"

Oh, sure.
I think turtle won't smell bad, won't ruin my garden, won't running into the house with dirt, won't pee everywhere, and won't bark.
So, turtle it is.

For now.

August 18, 2008

Independence Day Celebration

We celebrated Independence Day at Adam's School - Cahaya Bangsa Clasical School - before we have long weekend holiday. The celebration was only for Preschool and Kindergarten students, so looking from this point of view, we only have this year and next year chance to have hilarious fun running with spoon and marble without getting laughed at, or catching fish with bare hand and be proud. Yes, it was only little fishes...but it brought so much fun!
Did I mentioned long weekend holiday?
When I got rejuvenated and succesfully finished my family Bali Holiday layouts into scrapbooks album (phew!), my husband secretly did these two pages digital scrapbook of the Independence Day event. He called me when it finished, and I got OOOOOOhhhh... it's cool,baby....
Sweet, right?
Long weekend indeed have more than one advantages....

August 14, 2008

......and you're done

One of my order from amazon arrived this morning at my desk. As always, this little package will make my day brighter. Yes, I am done for sure. Share what is inside with you later, after I finish it with a cup of Starbuck vanilla latte, aaaaaahhhh...Life is good.

August 13, 2008

What happened in my last four weeks

Four weeks,huh?
Seem many things happened, but I feel kind like a blur. Still, I think it's good to try to sum all the events that took place to ten, and exhale. And this post can only be succesfully add here after I gather all the pictures at this camera and that camera get together. Exhale again....
Should we begin?
ONE On July 24th my son Adam got chicken pox. Eyouuuu..panic. But the doctor said he'll be fine, he got no fever, and seem quite tough. I wished I could stay at home with him whole day but I have to prepare for tomorrow event.

TWO On July 25th my best friend Sanny got married to Budi. And I promised to do all the decoration on her wedding set. Yup. With butterflies, ribbons, candles and flowers....Here are some pictures of the wedding that remind me a lot of my own, almost 10 years ago:

THREE The next day, I went straight to Jakarta with Audy, I teached at Barito for project class that I can't cancel even though I wish (again) I could stay at home with Adam. Urghhh. You had seen the class from my previous post. From Barito, we went to one of my relative's wedding that I can't got escape from. Back to Bandung by midnight.

FOUR On 31st july, Nadea first day of school. Wow, I have a 3rd grade daughter. How proud. Adam still couldn't go. He'll go on Monday. Here are the 3rd grade smile :

FIVE Saturday, 2nd August, Audy's sister got married at the church at Jakarta. The priest's preaching was insightful, although we don't feel quite at home with the church which has an aquarium as a stage and a gold coated podium! Oh, my. (Look at the aquarium behind our legs....).Here is the pic :

SIX Finally, Scrapking's order for ribbons from Bangkok had landed! With so many troubles with the custom and sea freight stuckness from May (you know what happened with Indonesian custom these couple months!!!) all the 500 boxes arrived safely this August. Could not wait to show you all the ranges. They are all just lovely and yummy...:-). By now, they are already pouring in to all Scrapking stores and also counters at the Foodhall. Yippee!! (Sorry the pictures are a little bit pale since I was in a hurry and didn't get the setting right.)

SEVEN On 6th August, after Nadea went to school for a week and feel exhausted, she got chicken pox too!!! Oh, oh, oh. We waited and waited and waited for the symptom on her since Adam got it, but she was very fit during that week. Although I feel quite relieved cause she eventually got it too, so my children will be free from chicken pox for the rest of their life. Phew... But she had fever for couple days, so she became a whiner. Not nice. Especially because she knew she can't go to the big event this Saturday. We spent the day cheering her up by making the name tag for aaaaalll her dogs..Yes, aaallll.....

EIGHT Another wedding? Oh, boy, yes. No kidding. Last week is the ceremonial, last Saturday, on 9th August is the reception for Audy's sister at her home town, Sukabumi. All Audy's family were there. You know, Nadea was supposed to be the bridesmaid..(with all the dress, the tiara, and the flower basket ready !! ayaiyai...) so inevitably, she cried when we left her at home. Poor girl. If only I can do something to delay the chicken pox for three days...arghh...

Note : Always beware of activities that require new clothes.
Here are some pics :

NINE Still sleepy because the party is last until 10 p.m and we still drove 2 hours back home. And yet, we had to go straightly to Jakarta on 10th August morning, to help our best friend Marisa and Muljadi finalizing their restaurant, Sagoo Kitchen, which will be open tomorrow on 11th August, at Mall Kelapa Gading 1. Tired. Exhausted. Headache. But we managed everything quite beautifully. And at the end of the day, really glad that they feel satisfied and ready to open tomorrow. Knowing that the day before they still feel hopeless and confused! Congratulations, Marisa and Muljadi......your dreams come true. Beautiful restaurant and many nostalgic items (from toys, snacks, and of course, foods and drinks) you can see here :

TEN And all in between those weddings, those sickness, and all and all, my feet were struggling. As you all the scrappers who usually got Scrapking's monthly newsletter knew, there are no class at Scrapking for this August, so I could signed up for private classes twice a week at Pilates, for repairing my legs and feet alignment which got damaged from the stroke I got 8 years ago. Hurt like hell. Couple first sessions I came home and feel as if my legs were not as the part of my body. Strange. But for my own good. Before it get worse with age. Keep going, big girl. Keep going....

Ten already?uhmmmm...
Well.. hope you still be here! Thank you for listening me blurting things out. All and all and all.
Be back soon...see you..

simple prescription I find today

Eventually I discovered for myself the utterly simple prescription for creativity:
be intensely yourself.
Don't try to be outstanding;
don't try to be a success;
don't try to do pictures for others to look at ;
just please yourself.
Ralph Steiner

August 11, 2008

Don't miss the important thing

“The most important thing in communication
is to hear what isn't being said.”
Peter F. Drucker

Like eye contact.
Like a smile.
Like a hug.
Like body language.
Like withdrawal.
Like empty heart.

It is indeed the most important thing....

August 5, 2008

Must Read Book for August

Love this book.
Knew it from Ali's blog, ordered it straight away from Amazon, and while waiting for the book to arrive, I enjoy Amanda's blog so much. So simple. So happy. So mindfully engaged with her life. While this book is very useful for you who still have small kids, it will also delight the small kid inside of you no matter how old you are.
Yeah, talking like age doesn't matter....come on, girls...
You could reach her blog from -The blog I love- list, Soule Mama.

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