July 31, 2008

Last day of July

Sorting out what have to be done and what I want to be done is inevitable confusing task. But today I am so happy I can have spare time to edit my blog and share with you many sites that I want to share for quite some time. Just check out ' The blog I love' and 'My inspiration' list. Many new sites there are really inspirational.
Open minding.

July 29, 2008

"Clearly Love Stamp" class at Scrapking

This is the 'clear mini album' that I create for the class :

I am using 3mm acrylic for the front and back cover, inside are 3 pages that I built up in layering Pantone envelope with Hambly transparancies, and K&co tag. The main goal in making this album is to allow viewer to be interested in looking what is behind each page because it's a little bit see through, and the pages are not in usual shape. The advantage of using envelopes is you can put your letters or more journaling inside. I also using LeFranc&Bourgeois deco acrylic 3D for the outline of the transparancies to make it pop. For finishing up, I stamp in several area using Stazon and outlining it with white pen, then emboss the tittle 'artist' and the envelope signs using embossing powder and heat gun. Tie up the ribbons are the finish thrill. Voila!

Preparation for this class is took quite some of my free time and my mind to create some challenging skill for my advanced students, two of them are already Scrapking teacher, yet they still eagerly wanting to learn many new things. Proud of them, really. Then two of the students had to drop the class one day before because their family member were hospitalized, feel so sorry for them. Well, we go with six people on board then.

While some jumped in with two feet and enjoyed the process, others seem to tried to apply the 'messy' process quite startledly. (Warned you from the beginning of the class, ladies, my project class was usually including messy and open minding process.....wink...)

But at the end of this 4 hours class, when all of them looked at the finished album gladly (one of them really wish her husband could appreciate the hard work process she'd been through in making this album...not only saying,"Hm, good." as usual...LOL), I felt glad too.

Thank you, ladies, for giving me a good time sharing with you what I enjoy most.....

Calm, Relaxing and Fresh.

For some of you that already grab the new issue of Simple Scrapbook magazine (July/August) and had read 'a note from Stacy', can find where I found the inspiration to make this challenging layout. Just open up page 52, and you will find this blue-green and brown palette, and other layout from Stacy Julian using this (as she said) calm, relaxing yet a little bit fresh (Well, I added 'fresh' because of the really fresh green) color palette. You can download Stacy's color swatch online : www.simplescrapbooksmag.com/mag

I really need something that are calming, relaxing and fresh for my soul right now.
Thank you, Stacy.

July 21, 2008

Private Picnic with Adam

This story actually begin with a small accident with my car, that I had when I got home from Jakarta last week. A small rock hit the front glass of the car and it cracked. Then the insurance guy that should check it only available on Saturday, which is happen to be my first free Saturday from teaching to Jakarta after a looooong time.....so that I can gladly spent time at home. (Yes, gladly.... I love spending time at home doing lots of unnecessary but fulfilling things, you know..) So, back to the main story...

I could easily hop on my husband's car and go with him to the office, of course.
But, it was Saturday, for God's sake.
And I had a 4 year's old that suddenly had a twinkling eyes when I said, " Baby, how about if mommy staying home today to play with you?"

He showed me his best potential smile.

"You don't have to go to Jakarta today?"
"And you are not going to office?"
"Nop. I can do it on Monday, anyway."

His smile was official. He is thrilled.

So, the next thing is to arrange some private time that I can spend alone with him. Without nanny. Without anybody. Just us.
We go picnic, then.
To our near home favorite park.
He had sandwiches for breakfast when I had yellow rice.
We bring along our favorite drink, as usual, ice coffee.Ahhhhh....
Drawing book, crayon, water, camera and some snack are other essential things that we tag along in our bike's basket.


Two hours of drawing, giggling, chatting, guessing at the cloud's shape, collecting some seed, playing swing and slide.

"Mom, what's is picnic?"
"Picnic is this, honey. We take food and drinks and other favorite things, and go outside..and having fun."
"I love picnic, mom."
"Me too, hon. You can write PICNIC at our picture."
"Are you having a good time?"
"Yes, mom."
"Me too, baby."

And I certainly am.
Thank God.

July 13, 2008

Bali - July 2008 - Vacation

A promise is a promise, my friend. So here you go, my pick from about 600 pictures of our Bali vacation (I already warned you about the scrapbookers mom's type of taking picture habit....) And my kind-hearted husband as usual do all the dirty work with the photoshop thing...(how can I live without him?;-)). He touched up about 100 pictures, which of course will not be the amount of the pictures that I will put here...don't worry, you won't get headache...


We had so much fun at the Bali Bird Park ( http://www.bali-bird-park.com/) ...especially when chased the right angle when this beautiful white peacock showed her beauty..not to mention get in the line for taking this picture because there were lot of kids want to pose with the bird too! So you could imagine the chaos in front of this shoot when all mom and dad are yelling in the same time to get their kids ready for the shoot before this show is over!LOL..

And at the Reptile Park (in front of the Bird Park) ..this more amount of fun take place..Behind the shoot, you will see Adam busy running here and there to save himself from all the 'monsters' that lying around. Adam just got tricked once when Audy said, "Kids, let's eat this iguana...."and he came near enough to it.
Am I glad I was a camera-ready-mom?
You bet.
Because this pose was last only in the count of seconds..

Bali is not Bali without playing at the beach and get burn in the sun..and bring back all the sand and the sea shell you so excited to collect..

And yes, leaving them playing in the sand for hours while I can finished reading my new book (in the shade close by, of course) is indeed a 'guilty pleasure' - every mom would dream to have. Life is beautiful in Bali, as always.

Enjoy the lovely afternoon weather in the pool for hours until sunset?
And have lunch and dinner also at the pool side?

Where on earth will we succesfully do that, if not in Bali?

To add the thrill of the day....we found lots of chipmunks at the hotel that were very friendly and do not hesitate to climbed down and eat peanuts and chips from our hands! The kids forgot about the chill from their wet clothes and fed the chipmunks again and again and again.....

We accidentally go to Bali Safari & Marine Park on the second day (yup, because at first we tought it will be the same with Taman Safari we knew at Puncak - Bogor, so we kind of not put too much interest on the idea. But the kids seem really want to see all the animals they can see -after we see all the bird and the reptile the day before- so, we accidentally go there..) And to our surprise...this park is different! Maybe because their target is foreigner, they make and manage all the aspect really professional. We had a bliss time (although it is indeed a really really hot day to walking around at any park...) Phew..

After breakfast, it's time to catch that beautiful morning light....

On the last morning, after I squeezed everything from their toys to all their found object safely into the suitcase, this is what I found in the terrace. How sweet. Excuse me, I had to run for my camera (Ah?Again?)

Leave Bali for now.
But count me in for many more trips to come again. For sure.

July 7, 2008

Simplify, please

When the list of things that you have to do in a day are more then your fingers on both hands,and it's going on for about a week, you are in seriously deep trouble......... You can't keep focus on doing one thing because all need your attention a.s.a.p. You just run from one thing to the other without enough thinking. And most of the people you be in contact with do not feel satisfied because they know they only get half ( or maybe less than half.....) your attention and energy.
And the worse thing is that group of people are including your children.
Simplify, simplify, simplify....
I am off to Singapore tomorrow with Audy, Nunun, Mul and their parents. My favorite grup of people. I just want to simplify my mind in my favorite book stores.....and simply get my fresh scrapbooking supplies....

July 6, 2008

Must read book for July

Seriously, I fall in love with this book the moment I took it out of the box at Periplus Bali (it just came in that morning). And just one copy available.Hm..in that kind of situation, I always wonder whether I found the book, or the book find me....

Don't you love the title?

Do you think it could be applied to another living things, say, human being?

Don't hesitate to say yes.

Do find it this month.

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