February 28, 2010

One thing that scares me in : FEBRUARY

It's always better to give too much,
pay too much,
and love too much,
than not enough.

But then,
since everything comes back to you anyway,
can there ever be
too much?

To know that what you are thinking
become what will happen in your life,
is scary.

To believe that you are strong enough
to eliminate any bad thoughts,
is scary.

To say it out loud, that I will stay positive,
no matter what is happening outside,
is scary.

I am scared.
But I believe that
everything will come back my way soon enough.
I only think the best of thought.
I only do the best I can think of.
I only give the best I can give to people.

Too much of a good thing is really wonderful.

February 25, 2010

Recycling your fabric baby books

We hear that slogan everywhere every time now days, right? But, no....I am not trying to force in the idea into scrapbook that much, since I know myself is still far away behind on the effort of 'the green steps'. Just try to take baby steps....and hopefully you can get something here and start use somethings from your home too.

Do you want to make a fabric album, like mine above, from your fabric baby books that probably lying on your shelf right now at home?

As an avid reader, and a mom who love to collects children books......I have many fabric baby books.....already give away some of them to friends with their babies who need them more than my kids that already grown up.....I still found this on my library couple weeks before.
I found two of them....(Well....I tend to stock any cute things, just in case I need an instant gift...hah.....)
So, before I know what to put inside or my theme for the album just yet.....I just painted all the pages with white acrylic paint. And I didn't do it on one sitting time. I just painted two pages and let it dry over night, came back in the morning, flipped over, painted again, left it on the table until I got back from work at noon, flipped over, and painted again before I hit the shower.
Just like that. A bunch of ten minutes (maybe less) will be enough.
And in a few days, they are ready to scrap into an album. I left the black and white border untouched since I think it is waaay too cute and will add character to the album. This is the time when I got the idea to make this for Adam's album. I want to gather random pics of Adam before he hits number six this year. Recycling baby books to remind you of how sweet your baby was.....I think will be a treasure to keep......
Let's begin......
Since they are fabric books....I put the advantage of fabric characteristic to a good use. I sew them together and make it into one album. Then, I sew added pages from other materials to bring more texture to it, like this transparencies,
And then some canvas pages too......
And one bingo card in the middle....
I made the cover on the other day..........using chipboard and sewing a die cut truck on it while I watched Martha Steward's show...and it full already! Wow, that's fast! That's why I love mini album....LOL....
And got very excited to see a bundle of pages ready to be filled in.....
Still.....before I put the pictures in, I embellished the album with thread and pompoms (A girl has to do what a girl love to do, right?)
And noooow.......it's time to pull out some pictures.........
And you know.....the result of too much reading Ali Edwards' blog is to get infected by her love for her square punch (in a good way, of course...). I bought my square punch long time ago, and put a good test to it by punching many left over photos...but I haven't use that photos much...until now....the size of the mini album is just perfect for these 5x5cm pics.....wohooo......talking about blessing in disguise......I have them ready to stick!
And then.....after had so much fun sticking boy's embellishment without even thinking too hard.......
This is the finished album.........
I love the result. The idea of recycled it from baby books, the simplicity of the materials that I already had in hand, and the fun colors it has in the end.
I surely will Keep This with much love.

February 21, 2010

My next class :Canvas Album!

I am so excited with this new project for my next class....Canvas Album!
Found it as an interesting way to entwine my passion for painting and scrapbooking into one treasure album to keep.

And as for the color?
Yes. Yes....
The "tangerine - turquoise - moss green" combo seems soooo fresh...don't you think? Firstly I am not too sure about the tangerine/orange, since that color is not in my comfort element. But then, when it combine with that two colors...it immediately 'click' and certainly add a new twist to the finished album. Yum..yum....
And if you have not yet try painting with the opaque paint...you really should try it on canvas......here for the class, I am so glad I found these opaque paint box with more than 20 gorgeous colors which is different with regular water colors paint box.
Besides....I add some transfer technique to canvas for you to try....*wink.

I just can't wait for you to bring on the spirit and do messy happy fun things for this album....(take note that I do mention the word 'messy' there, in case you expect the process will not harm your beautiful nails...of course it will! So please make your manicure appointment AFTER the class...and everybody will leave my class happily ever after...)

See you soon, dear scrapper!

February 20, 2010

I believe in roses

I believe in manicures.
I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything else seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

(Audrey Hepburn)

While I still not agree with Audrey on manicure and pink
(but I promise I will give my best shoot to try, Audrey....)
I agree wholeheartedly on everything else she said.
And, oh, yes,
I believe that roses still is the quickest way to melt a girl's heart.
Even after eleven years.
He never misses any year.
A bunch of roses...this year is 37of them.
That would be, wait.., hmm....259 years in dog years.
I am that old, heh?

Thank you, sweetheart.

February 19, 2010

A good book

My eyes and heart are both always leap with joy when I see or read a good book. And this book, written by one of wonderful artist I met on OWOH event, Shona cole, is surely will be one of my favorite. Go visit her blog today and be inspired like I did.
You can order her book here.

This is what she says about her book :

Well the title should tell you a fair amount: The Artistic Mother - A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your Busy Life.

It is for Mothers, who are (or want to be) artistic. There is a practical component to help you fit art into your life. The book is broken into 3 major sections:

The first section is fairly talky with photos and mixed media collages scattered through out. Here I discuss things like the nature of creativity and some practical, common sense, ideas to becoming motivated to do art on those days when you are too tired or unmotivated by the intensity of motherhood.

The second section is a very brief how to guide for taking decent photos, writing basic poems and doing collage. I can't say it is for absolute beginners, but also not for working artists. I don't break any new ground in terms of techniques. This is not a technique book, rather it is a state of mind and action book. You have to be willing to work to do art. To be committed.

The third section is where the rubber meets the road. I have designed a 12 week workshop and a day by day action plan to guide you through making 12 different projects (well, the first week is more of a prep week). This schedule may be a little tough for Mammas with young or a lot of kids, no problem, the daily art challenges can be spread over days. The goal is to get you creating, daily, not just to get the projects done.

Spread throughout the book are short essays and art by momma artists. I will introduce you to each of them soon. But each artist has inspired me with their creative vision and lives.

If you are already on that artistic mother road, creating daily while you raise your kids, I applaud you. My book will then be an affirmation of your lifestyle, an encouragement to keep on it. But if you are someone who is not living that life, but wants to, then my book is one that should help you get there, if you are willing to put in the work.

For me that sounds a good one. How 'bout you?

February 15, 2010

The magic carpet has landed.

Three weeks riding the magic carpet together with more than 1000 artists around the world really are something amazing. Exhausted with lack of sleep (do the blog hopping almost every night, come on....) Overwhelmed with the guest that pop in my home (288 people..Thank you, wonderful you!) Joy in finding so many (and I mean it, sooo many....) talented people and blogs that make me go uuuuh....aaahhhh...many times. I hit 'add to favorites' button soooo many times I am afraid it will blow up.
Thank you, Lisa.....for this wonderful event.

Now.....the magic carpet has landed.

And it is the time for me to pick three wonderful people from the bucket above (well, literally will be three pieces of papers) to receive my giveaways.......

Tadaaaa......the first is :

The second gift goes to.........
And, last but not least....the third gift goes to......
I will email them right away.
And if I am not wrong, two of my gifts are going to fly to Arizona, USA and the other one to Liverpool, UK.
Just in case I can't contact them for the address, or else happen in one week.... I will draw another winner.

Again, thank you for coming to my home. My doors are always open for you.
Have a fabulous day.

February 14, 2010

When you feel the love is in the air......

Your life
is the sum
of your choices
Albert Camus

How grateful I am every day for this man,
who I chose long time ago,
almost half of my life,
and chose me too.

His unfathomable kind heart
is what he gives to me every day.

His uxoriousness
makes me live vivaciously
through everything in life.

He patronizes my choices
that built into who I am today
- the good and the bad ones -
even when my choices seem absurd to him.
(including the time when I said to him two years ago
that I think I want to start a blog)

Eleven years
and always.
I am always think I made the best choice in my life
with this man.

Feb 14 2010
11th wedding anniversary

In case you wonder how I can squeeze making this layout
around these chaotic days,
no, of course I am not that good.
Or crazy.
Or both.
This layout was from last year.
Just find this time is the perfect time to put it here.

Happy Valentine's day to you all.

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