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Fourth blog-versary - 1st week giveaway

*waving both hands*

The number is four now.
Four years.
Oh dear,
I have been blogging for four years,
and still enjoying every bit of it.

Remember last year?
My 3rd blog-versary were here,here,and here,
and the celebration was here.
Such a treasure.

It is suppose to be last month
to do the celebration.
(Yes, I am not forget, just super uber busy)
But it's the thought that counts, right?
*classic, eh?

So I will use this month instead,
every weekend, to make the giveaways
for you, my dear friends and bloggers,
who generously spent some time to read
my blog posts for these past four years.
"Giveaway-s?" you ask.
"So there will be more than one?"
YESYou bet.

Every weekend of July,
July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd 
So there will be FOUR giveaways!
And ALL four winners will be announced
on July 31st

Okay, soooooo.....
 the first one is this magazine above.
(Summer 2010 edition)
It's not the latest edition,
but still, it cannot be found at bookstores 
here in Indonesia...so it's still precious.
I had mine already, and 
recently I found it again at Sing.
(It's considered lucky to found one, 
since they always sold out very very quick)
And it's worth Sing$32.50 or about 227.500 IDR
Totally worth it.

And for you who are new to scrapbooking
and art journaling,
you can go to their website and waoo yourself
by looking at the array of their publication.
Not just for paper lovers,
but all type of crafter would simply be amazed.
This series of magazines had inspired me
a lot over these years(and still
together with other series.

Look at these drooling pages inside :

Beauty, right?

So I hope with this 1st giveaway,
I can pass on the spark that I've got
through the years
to you, one lucky reader.

Here are the rules and what you have to do :
1. Leave a comment here below this POST only
2. DO NOT forget to include your email
so I can contact you if you're the winner.
(unless if you are SURE I had yours already)
Some of you are not including email address
at your blog's bio, 
so if I can't contact you,
I'll choose someone else. Clear?
3. Follow my blog (if you haven't done so),
thank youuuu.....
4. Spread this giveaways' news 
on your blog/fb/twitter 
or to your neighbors,
to your co-workers, 
to anybody on the street(heh?),
it's good for your karma.
I believe in karma.
I hope you do too. *wink
5. Only 1 comment/person will be counted.
6. Only comments on my blog will be counted.
Comments on my fb will be appreciated.
7. I'll choose the winner RANDOMLY.
8. I'll send the gift ANYWHERE you are,
so yes, international readers are
very welcome to participate.
9. You can leave comment at all my 
giveaways' posts later (all four of them)
so I'll include you for each gift's drawing
at the end of this month.
That's mean, if you're super lucky,
you can win more than one gift! Yay!
10. If you've not done so,
pray every night.
Not to get this giveaway, of course,
God have millions things to take care of,
you silly!
Pray for your own's sake.

That's it!

Don't forget to be back here next weekend
to see my 2nd giveaway,
and leave comments again.

Horeee! Congrats on your 4th blogversary! I really really LUV your blog and creations. Everytime I check your blogn there always something new to inspire me. I hope I can get this giveaway...^0^

Sorry, this is my e-mail: ambrosiachan@gmail.com

Halooo mbak riaaa !! Congrats on your 4th blog-versaryy. Your blog had inspire me to make one of my own, and i never miss every single post you've made hihihiii
thank you for the inspiration mbak ria you sure are a very talented artist. Hopefully i can get this giveaway hihihiii *lift my hands and pray ;)))
This is my email biey_mooc@yahoo.com

want it want it....(straight 2 d point wkwkwkwkkwk...) hope i'm the lucky one.... bravo c ria....\(^o*)/

want it want it....(straight 2 d point wkwkwkwkkwk...) hope i'm the lucky one.... bravo c ria....\(^o*)/
(Anita Puspa)

Sis, it's always enjoyable to read your blog. I wish I can write my blog as interesting as yours. Anyway, congrats for 4th blogversary, hope this will encourage me to keep writing. :)
Anyway, as I couldn't join your class again now, I don't want to miss your gift. Love you Sis.... ***hugs...

Dearest Ria...congrats for the fourth blog-versary..it has inspired millions. Keep inspiring! =))

i'd love to win this book!
and i agree with alice wahyuni... you've inspired MILLIONS! thanks for being inspiring! (angelia)

kyaaaa... im not a blogger T.T"
hopefully you count me as the one :D
i will spread your blog everywhere! :P promise *silang telunjuk*


ci ria, this is indri :)

congratz for your 4th year of blogging anniversary :D

thank u for sparing your time all these 4 years to inspire me :) the first time i opened your blog is after this year's INACRAFT, and after that I'm just become a big fans of yours :D

I read the entire blog from the first day you posted just only for 1 weeks, it inspired me so much that i can't stop to explore scrap-booking :)

again, happy anniversary and thank you so much for inspiring me :)

email: sawamura_kiriko@yahoo.co.id

Hip hip horraayyy!! congrats on your 4th blogversary Ria! Thank you for always sharing your art creations and ideas on your blog. It certainly has inspired me to start my own scrapbook as a beginner:) Love all your scrapbooks. Keep up the good work!! ernysk@yahoo.com

Blogging and crafting hv been one of my favourite past time hobby that I myself hv forgotten :)
But reading your blog make me want to have the exact same organized room as yours.. Hoping I can be as productive as u.. *though I don't hv as much stuff* ehehehe..
Anyway thank u so much for inspiring me..Happy 4th blogging aniversary Ria!!


Happy blogversary yang ke-4 :)) smoga tetap memberikan inspirasi hidup untuk orang banyak.


Mbak Riaaa...

Langsung jatuh cinta pada blog-nya, karna pas liat blog ini aku sadar apa passion ku sebenarnya, yaitu scrapbook-ing..dan aku langsung serius dan fokus buat mendalami passion ku itu..
(haiyaahhhh bingung berkata2... :p)


mau, mau, mauuuu....
Selamat ya mba Ria...u are always my idol in scrapbooking area..hehehe

You are an inspiration! i know people must've said it a thousand times but you really are an inspiration!
as an artist i know there's always room for more so here's a blog to inspire you (it's not mine)

I'd LOVE to have the gift!
CHEERS to your 4th blog anniversary!

Congrats on your 4th blog-aniversary mbak Ria.^^.
Your blog had inspire me, ^_^
Hopefully i can get this giveaway, =)..*pray.com
my email: ck.yessy@gmail.com

hi Kak Ria.
Thanks for sharing your creativity in your blog. Love every single blog that you posted :)
All the very best to you in everything you do.
Bukunya menarik banget....mudah2an saya kebagian hehehe.
Ditunggu kelasnya lagi di MWL GI :D

Ci Ria, congrats for your 4th blogversary :) You can always amaze me with your creations and I love your classes. Thanks for being my inspiration. Hopefully i will be the lucky one ^^
my email: pink_cesca@yahoo.com

c' Ria...congrats for your 4th blogversary....
Thank you for inspiring me....:)
Hope I'm the lucky one...^^

hai ci Ria.. Congratz on ur 4th blogversary!You are an inspiration.
Keep inspiring!


I think the fact that you generously share your life and passion (not to mention techniques and fresh ideas) in scrapbooking through this blog is the power that inspire so many of us (follower and 'stalker' alike--such as me,he..he..)

So, Ria.. congrats on the 4th blogversary... and cheers for years to come! *hugsss


Congrats on your 4th blogversary mbak Ria! Your blog always inspire me. I hope i can make journals like yours and because of you i know that i fall in love to scrapbooks...Thanks for your inspiration ....and thanks for the give .....*wink :)
email : pramieta_fitriarini@yahoo.co.id

wow!!got shocking soda after reading your blog cii..such a BIG surprise for all of us that you are preparing four giveaways in each week..*sounds cool.. anyway..happy 4thblogversary..;) you always inspire me..always..;)
hug, CLorinda Livia..
Email: clo_rin85@yahoo.com

Kak Ria, I never missed every single posting from your blog, it's really inspire me. COngrats as well yah untuk Blog's Anniversarynya yg ke 4.. Yipeeee panjang umur, panjang umurr..

Thanks for the chance, and I hope I can be the winner of this giveaway..

my email: levanasunandar@yahoo.com

ci ria,mau banget giveaway nya..
moga2 blom telat ya.
blog ci rian keren abis daahh...:)
ini email aku :

Hi, Ci Ria.
Congrats on your 4th blog-versary. Your works always inspire me .
Thank you for the inspiration n sharing.

I hope I'm lucky again to get this giveaway...^__^


Happy 4th anniversary buat blognya ci Ria. Demen ngeliat semua karya ci Ria, entah itu scrapbook atau design interiornya :)
Moga2 bisa dapet giveawaynya...kali2 kecipratan bakat ci Ria dikit hehehe.
email: oo.scrap@gmail.com

WOW... congratulations!!!! Thanks for the chance :)

my email: cheryl131091@yahoo.com

my..my... what can I say.. Always speechless each time I saw your post. I was one of your fans since your 1st 'bagusbagus' product in Bdg and until now.. And what I learned the most from you is that you always keep moving, keep doing what you loved. Really inspired me alot. Congratulations...

uuuhhh,,,,verry a waitting beauty journaling like yours,,,,,
my e-mail vinessavina@yahoo.com

Riaa, i thank God for one wonderful person like you who always been source of inspiration for many2 ppl, incld me. Im new to art journal,can i have the book? :) you have my email rite? :D thanks Riaa :D

1st impression of Ria:
A strong lady who knows her talent well and turn it into blessings for many women. Happy 4th blog-versary. May you continue to prune your talent so that one day it will become a field that is full of fruits that can be enjoyed by your family and many people. Stay blessed!

Happy blogversary Ibu Ria..
many more cool creation to come..

God Bless.

Siska - siska_laurentia@hotmail.com

Ria, ikutan lagi yakk ^^... How i wish i can get this, *komatkamit... keep praying :D*

Hugs hugs... henny_tanuwijaya@yahoo.com

4 years of full inspirations blog & I just found it in the last half year..
I'm surely going to browse over your past post!

I hope I can win at least one of your great works!! *wish*

Have a great day!!


Contests on your fourth year!

congrats for ur 4th blogversary..

ayu, xo

hii mbak riaa

happy 4th blogieversarry ya mbak
semoga tambah suksess dan karyanya makin dikenal orang

ihiyy aku ikutan giveawaynya yaa mbak.. semoga dapet *berharap

emailku randrianiblog@gmail.com

aku ikutan ya mba riaaa :))
iklan ini udah aku pasang di blog aku, please cek di http://namakupiena.blogspot.com/2011/07/banjirrrr-hadiah-fourth-blog-versary.html

btw, selamat 4th blogversary ya mba :)

salam kenal,

woww,, such an inspirative blog and give away :)
Plis pick me to be the winner..

Happy 4th blog-versary,btw.. :)
Smoga blognya semakin inspiratif dan fun...

Email: jessicalie08@hotmail.com
Blog: jessicalie08.blogspot.com

happy fourth blog-versary mbak ria... mmmm, hope the lucky person is me to get that magazine to improve my mind about scrapbooking.... hope hope and hope... :)

love : fera

hmmm...I guess me...it's the last how comment ...but I hope I'm the lucky one to win this :))))

my email: moccavanila@gmail.com

Dear all.......
Thanks so much for joining this giveaway's event!
*BIG hugsss to all*
Now it's closed, so the comment after mine here will not be counted in the drawing on Sunday, July 31st.

Will let the winners known shortly after.

Sending you more love.

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