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Give away no.2 for my BLOG-VERSARY

I am now standing 
and taking a deep bow.
My eyes are teary.
And my heart is filled with
unfathomable joy.

Thank you.
From the bottom of my heart.

All of your comments
(some of them are indeed surprise me
in the length. A happy surprise. 
Because they are 
longer than the post itself
and really made me 
dabble in glee, tears and 
such a wondrous joy 
all in the exact same time),
will be printed,
and kept in a very precious box,
so whenever I myself
or anyone else asks me,
(especially my daughter)
I will open that precious box
and let the person see
all the comments you gave me.

These three years
I posted story after story,
layouts after layouts,
ideas after ideas,
without knowing
what they all mean to you.
Even you that I'm not even meet yet.
Now I knew.
And when you think you learned
many things from me,
the fact is,
I learned more from you.
From your friendship,
from your trust,
from your heart.

Thank you,
from the bottom of my heart.

are you ready for another give away?

For week two....
I will give TWO boxes of these.
Each contains 50 kinds of
unique yarn made in Italy, Turkey,
China and Australia,
which I got from my last trip
to Singapore.
 I packed only twenty boxes of these,
worth 225.000IDR each.
And I will randomly choose
two of lucky people
who leave comments at this post
to bring home these beauty
by the end of this month.

You should see my giddiness 
when I saw all those yarns,
and when I tried to squeeze all, 
yes, two big plastics' all of yarn,
into my luggage.


Oh, here,
I remember.....
my dear husband kindly took
the giddiness picture for you.

At my counter, 
(at Citos and Gunung Agung Senci 
Jakarta, and IP in Bandung)
you can find these smaller boxes,
contains only 4 type of yarn,
 one meter each.
So in case you are in a hurry
to make something with these yarn
or you don't win this give away,
you know where to go to get them.

And just in case,
-since I knew now 
that not only my scrapper buddies 
who read this blog-
just in case,
you don't know what 
these yarn are for....

I tell you...
These yarn is like fish sauce 
for cooking.
A secret touch.
Add some to your album like this :

or like this :

even a single knot will make 
big difference for texture :

And if you are like me,
who are hoarder for pretty,
textured and handmade things,
imagine these yarn
becoming the centre of a flower,
a bird, or simply,

if you are tempted enough to get
these yarn by now,
Just leave comment on this post
(one comment per person, please)
and please leave your email address
so I can contact you if you win, 
unless you are 100% sure that
I know your contact number already,
or I have to pick someone else
if I cannot contact you,
If you missed my give away no.1
you still get a chance to win,
just go here.

Ria, you are really so creative and generous. Well, what do you think I'm doing now? still up until midnight? You right, I'm curious what is the give away number 2. Anyway, hope I can learn more about scrapbook from you and off course, I hope I can get the yarn. :D
Big hug sis....

selamat ya.....
aku mah selalu 'terkesima' ama ke-pede-annya....kreatif banget...natural....
yo wis....have fun with your imagination...

How sweet and generous you are!!! Might I also add that you are adorable!!! LOVE the yarn. Enter me please and thank you very much.
**blows kisses** Deb

Cantiknya...kaya'nya cocok dipadukan dengan kue kreasiku..hahaha..terus menulis mba' Ria..terima kasih sudah menginspirasiku..

serius nih jeng mo ngasih hadiah lagi?????
wah wah wah...sape takut...i'd love to have one of those beautiful yarn...i'm sure those yarn will make may creation more attractive as your creation..
Thank you for your kindness..

Ria..kayanya aku masih terbata-bata kalau mau ngikutin ke-kreatifitasan kamu yang seolah tiada batas..but I like it, dan seolah kaya tikus2 yang ngikutin pemain seruling..terus pengen ngikutin perkembangan blogmu yang selalu imajinatif, kreatif dan inovatif (lho..kok kaya iklan real estate ya?)..so congrats, congrats and congrats 4 all..
about that yarn..i think i will need it as soon as I know how to use it..

yay! this is exciting! what a lovely packaging too.

huaaaaa *histeris* another give away??
i'm not a creative person, so any give away will surely give motivation to me haha

Oh yes, please consider me for the giveaway.

My email ID: anaamica at gmail dot com.

So.. can i call myself lucky yet? mm.. saw those yarns in sency last sunday. It was my birthday then. My husband was thinking of giving me a watch for my birthday.. mm.. a watch.. *tempting.. but.. i wasn't sure of buying a watch...
So, we walked around and stopped at TGA (bagus2).. and i saw those yarns.. It's not that expensive compared to the watch. Should i trade the b'day gift with the yarns? mm.. however, put those yarns back and promised myself to persuade my hubby to get those yarns instead of the watch.. hehehe..

Annnddddd.. you give away the yarnsssss.... aaaaahhhhhhhhh... lucky? haven't bought the yarns yet??

I'll call myself LUCKY, if i get the yarns from you.. :P

Happy blog-versary, Ria.. :P you'r such an inspirational.. Hope i can celebrate more ... versary in future.. :P

Ri, you're always my inspiration...the idea seems never end! I always love your works!Hugss

Never stop drooling deh...empat jempol Mba Ria..mudah mudahan saya dapet give awaynya..SUKSES yo!!


Three years I know you through your blog makes me like I'd ever met you in personal and listened all your story about your life and activities. You're so special, so talented but still be humble and generous to share with others. So wonderful to have you as a sister and a friend .. Deep in my heart I want to meet you! :) And I hope I could get your special gift so my mom could teach my niece to create something from those yarns :D
Lots of hugs from here, XoXo

Thanks and keep inspire me,
0817 746 776

remember when you were affraid that nobody wants your give-away gift? now that you know, everybody want it :D no need to be affraid, pede aja lagi kak hihihihi


The yarns are very pretty. I love how you have put some in the bird. :)

mba ria...:)
benerbener dehh mba..
you are trully inspiring..
i cant get enough visiting your home..
and still,, got inspired again and again..:)
thanks for sharing..

Ri, aku udah liat paket ini di IP. Duh, bikin ngiler aja....tapi disimpan lagi deh setelah liat. Soalnya budget buat scrapbook bulan ini udah menipis bgt, gak mencukupi kuota deh. Jadi pas tahu ada giveaway yarns ini....huaahhhhh jijingktakan deh......sambil berdoa mudah-mudahamn dapet......

Happy Blogversary, ya


YAY! I'm not sure if you are planning shipping everywhere... but if you will send to the U.S. then I'd be glad to be on your list. What a wonderful give away!


Speechless %%%%% moga2 aku bisa menjadi salah satu yg beruntung.
Terus berkarya yah Cie...you are so creative

ha ha ha that photo of you with all the yarn is so funny..great giveaway so good luck everyone.


Pick me! I'm the president of the United State!!

Dear Mbak Ria,
Honestly, I feel a bit awkward to leave comments here, since I haven’t even begun to scrapbook yet (^_^) but, I just couldn’t resist saying this to you: “Thank you!”

I stumbled upon your blog when I read another blog written beautifully by one of your student, one that I always visit every time I have a chance to open the computer. The blog (www.pennylanekitchen.blogsome.com) has opened a new world for me, after I’ve given birth to my son. At that time I was trying very hard to have something to do that could give me a sense of achievement, fulfillment, accomplishment -- however small – during the short break ‘me time’ as I take care of my son.

I was delighted and very excited as I discover your blog and opening pages after pages of wonderful art. Pages where pictures, words, colors, quotes, and every memorable scrap of things are put together, capturing dreams, emotions, experiences, … deeply and splendidly…wow!! Somehow, I begin to see another door is opening towards another interesting and beautiful world.
So, there.. although I don’t know when I’ll have the chance to actually participate in your class.. and truly enter the scrapbooking ‘heaven’ (lebay.com.. he3), at least now I have another dream. And I have you to thank for that. God bless you!


ria, i never tired and bored when it comes to opening your blog, this blog also function as my yellow pages of all things scrapbookings, so thank you very much for your blog.i hardly open my facebook before , the most are once a month hehehehe, but now, everytime there's a thread from the scrapbooking group, i always wanted to immediatelly check it out.so i thank you for that too, making an indonesian scrabookers group, thats excellent!. i think you are the most creative person i have ever met sides from donna downey and you inspired me plenty. thank you.

woohoo... love this love this love this....

love it when you described yarns as the essential ingredients of a scrapbook layout.

for me, using yarns is something new but i'm beginning to understand that yarns and fibres are as "staple" as papers in scrapbooking.

see, there are always new things to learn from your blog.
that's why i followed your blog religiously :)

keep blogging, dear *hugs*

love your photo with the suitcase full of yarns. I'd be that hysterical too, if I were you!

oh yarns..... huaaa... come to me ... heheheh ....happy blogversary :)

Dear all,
the comments are closed tonight with 26 people in the drawing.

thank you all!

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