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Fourth blog-versary - 2nd week giveaway

We meet again this weekend! 

Thank you for coming back here
to see my second week's giveaway!

Thank you for your warm regards
for my blog-versary. 
Really happy to know that my posts somehow
bring positive energy for you all.
My heart are swollen with joy
reading all your comments
and am sending more love for you today.

If you missed last week's post,
you can still go here to join in,
come ooooon!

lets talk about this week.
My second giveaway is this Circa album,
that I made for Inacraft Exhibition on April.
First I taught that this album was sold out,
because none to be found after the event.
But then when I tidy up my supplies,
the album pop up!
I said, What?
(I know, I know,I should tidy up
more often, you said? LOL)

I had one sample album for me already,
and I decided that this lucky album
will be given away to one lucky reader.
It might be you!

The album is loaded with 7 gypsies tag
that I love love love.
Look inside this album here 

All you have to do is the same things
with last week.

1. Leave a comment here below this POST only
2. DO NOT forget to include your email
so I can contact you if you're the winner.
(unless if you are SURE I had yours already)
Some of you are not including email address
at your blog's bio, 
so if I can't contact you,
I'll choose someone else. Clear?
3. Follow my blog (if you haven't done so),
thank youuuu.....
4. Spread this giveaways' news 
on your blog/fb/twitter 
or to your neighbors,
to your co-workers, 
to anybody on the street(heh?),
it's good for your karma.
I believe in karma.
I hope you do too. *wink
5. Only 1 comment/person will be counted.
6. Only comments on my blog will be counted.
Comments on my fb will be appreciated.
7. I'll choose the winner RANDOMLY.
8. I'll send the gift ANYWHERE you are,
so yes, international readers are
very welcome to participate.
9. You can leave comment at all my 
giveaways' posts later (all four of them)
so I'll include you for each gift's drawing
at the end of this month.
That's mean, if you're super lucky,
you can win more than one gift! Yay!
10. If you've not done so,
pray every night.
Not to get this giveaway, of course,
God have millions things to take care of,
you silly!
Pray for your own's sake.

That's it.

Hey, wait!
There is more!

Do you want these also?

When I made the album on March,
my order for these 7 gypsies tags
that also grabbed my heart instantly
with its bold dark red color,
hadn't arrived yet.

They'll complete the Circa album beautifully.

One lucky reader will get these: 
one Circa album
one pack of "Life is Good" pages
one pack of ATC kit 

I wish you are the lucky one!

And lucky me,
as always,
to have you coming here.

I am honored.

Eittss... kesempatan kasih komen pertama nih... lucky indeed... hahaha..! Connect Internet tidak lengkap kalau belum check blog ini... suwerrrr..! Seperti minum vitamin, wajib min. 1x sehari... =D

Thank you for taking the time to update your blog within your super duper hectic schedule, you're one amazingly strong lady!

I am honored to be your friend, too. Gbu!


Mbak Ria. You're actually one of my muse. Never a week spent without visiting your blog. I love you and your artworks

Mbak Ria. You're actually one of my muse. Never a week spent without visiting your blog. I love you and your artworks

litha- ( yulitapurtanti@yahoo.com)

ci ria~~~ ketemu juga akhirnya :) so happy today :) and when i opened your blog it's just doubling :)

again congatz ya ci for the blogversary :) waiting for your news creation cici :D

keep inspiring us :)


indri :)


Yeahhhh mbak Ria bingung mau kasih komen apa ....selalu terpesona dengan karya mbak Ria .... :)
although i bought this album for my mom birthday, but i will very happy when i have this circa for myself :))
email : pramieta_fitriarini@yahoo.co.id

mbak riaaa !! jangan bosen sama akuu karna aku ga pernah boseen baca blog mbak riaa hihihihiii super want the give awaaay *still and never give up... hehehhee


just peeking (again) your blog, and found another give away. wooooww so generous of you ci ria..

i put yout blog on my bookmark list,but as far as I have came into your blog, i still haven't found the button/option of being your follower. Guyyys, can you help me where the button is?


Wuah! Kalo mau serakah, berdoa biar bisa dapat tiap giveaway dari Ria Nirwana deh. Hehehe. Sekalio lagi Happy Blogversary ya


My new life in Adelaide is good, there are so many things to learn and to do. I have more spare time to do some scrapbooking now. However, my life will be better if I can get one of your giveaway.... :))

Halo Ria, I'm Fetty, joined your play time class @MWL and had a great time! Congrats on your 4th! Love your blog! lots of inspiration and motivation to actually start creating :) This is a great giveaway, and thanks for the chance!


Sharing: me & some friends at the office (who loves to scrap) always amazed with this Blog and Ria Nirwana as the author ;) and we share the information and talk about it if one of us found new post in the blog. Such a life inspiration.


Sharing: me & some friends at the office (who loves to scrap) always amazed with this Blog and Ria Nirwana as the author ;) and we share the information and talk about it if one of us found new post in the blog. Such a life inspiration.


love the colour combination of this circa album. I hope i can have some of your creativity level inside my brain hahaha.
my email: oo.scrap@gmail.com

kereeenn...so inspiring

Nice..very nice album and so inspiring.not just this album but also the others. Hope can meet and get lesson from u. Sukses terus y.email: pinkchu6101026@yahoo.com

Have bookmarked your blog to both my smartphone and pc -.- I think I'm addicted to your blog.. And this give away is making me droll even moreee


congatz ya Ibu RIa, for the blog anniversary.. hope many more cool creation to come..

God Bless..

Siska - siska_laurentia@hotmail.com

Ikutan lagi y ci...^_^

Mbak Ria , happy blogversary :)
akhirnya aku bisa ikutan giveawaynya mbak Ria. aku senengggggg bgt bs tau blog Mbak Ria & ketemu beberapa kali sm Mbak Ria! duhh rasanya bnr2 ketemu idola. engen bgt suatu saat bisa datengin workshop Mbak Ria yg pasti bikin aku geregetan itu ;)

semoga giveaway ini jatuh ke tanganku hehehe... pengen bgt belajar scrapbook sm Mbak Ria ;) semoga nanti ada waktunya yaa... udah bbrp kali beli bahan buat scarbooknya di bagusbagus di citos, tp ttp aja pengetahuan masih minim.. hihihihi... semoga energi positif mbak Ria nularrrr ke aku :) hihihihi... aminn...

sippp, perintah sudah dilaksanakan :)

thanks a bunch ya mbak Ria :*

Puri Ideku Handmade

halo sesama Ria... hhihihi
mbak riiii!! aku ikutan kali ini! ehhehe.. i wish we can meet in person someday! so lovely to know you as a lady who has the same nick name with me, doing pretty hands with your superb hands!!! ngefans!! :D

kulakukan semua yang kau minta mbakk!!*ngiler dotcom liat giveaway kali ini!!


I can't put down in words how grateful I am to know you, learn from you and inspired by you. Keep on rocking mba ria!!!!
Hope i can win it ;)


hadiah..sapa yg ga mau??
apalagi dr ci ria hehe :)
hopefully i'm lucky.tp bener liat blog ci ria bikin ngiri..bagus banget.

vonni (phon22000@yahoo.com.sg)

yesss I want that mbaaa

luv ya
dewie at

Happy 4th blog-versary, Ria. it is a joy to know such an inspiring and creative lady like you. Many more success to come dear!!!

aaaaarrrgghhhh..beutiful things to win !!
my email address is chesiria.tattia@yahoo.com ya mba ria.

selalu check on your blog soalnya addictive nih blog-nya mba ria..hihihihi..

you're my muse. my heroine. my idol. my siperwoman deh pokoknya. learn a lot from you mba..:)

Nuff said; it's all written here (http://mydairynote.blogspot.com/2011/06/madly-in-craft.html) on how do I feel & react about this neverending tempations in my life ^_^

Next thing is following U !

Ikutannn Ria ^^....*ngacung tinggi2 :D*

Happy 4th blog-versary ya Ri, Thank u for being a good teacher and inspiration, thanks to Ike for introducing me the FUN scrapbooking's world n YOU ^_*...
Sukses ya Ria, God bless...


Ria, baru sempat nge-blogger lagi nih.. Happy blogversary ya....


mauuu giveawaynya :P
every crafter needs inspiration...and your work is my inspiration. Thx Ka Ria!!

mba Ria ... ikutan giveaway yaa yaa,

Pertama kali kenal mba ria pas ina-craft april kmrin, syang y waktu itu gak banyak bwa duit T__T hikkss..
Jadi aja cma bsa bwa pulang sii sleepy owl,
sooo...smoga kali ini aq bisa menang dpt book-nya yang cantik.uniq.super.

aq udh follow, udh jg woro-woro by FB, trus ksih info jg bwt temen di kostn, di laboratorium, hehehhe..

Happy creative ever' after yaa mba ria.

Kecup kanan.kiri*
Indah Budi Utari

wowowowowo.... mau dongggg... hiihihi
semoga kali ini bisa beruntung mendapatkan nya.. all d best 4 u c Ria..

Mampir sebentar ahh... Happy 4th blog-versary ya.Keep inspiring, keep up the guuuuud works, keep being humble, keep being a lovely friend, and keep being you in every way.. (ngga nyambung yaa..hehehe). Pokoknya selamat ya, bu... blog nya sdh meng-inspirasi para scrapbooker n artist.


mbak ria, congrats ya, blog nya uda 4 thn! thank so much for inspiring me in many ways! love to see your scrapbook projects, your eating place designs, your art stuffs in whatever forms.. :) you're such a great inspiration to me ;) hope to see u in person 1 day :)

Hi Ri,its me again!! I'm so drooling of all your giveaways :) (honesty is good rite?:D)
Happy 4th blog-versary for you,I wish someday I can have courage to do my own :)
And thanks for the 2nd chance to win on your giveaways,you're so generous :)
Ike (ike_kwed@yahoo.com)

WOW, what an amazing giveaway.....
and what amazing blog you have. Congratulation on your 4th anniversary....

Selamat untuk 4th blog-versary-nya. Inspiring as always. And I'm inspired as always.
Thank you for the inspiration, Ria.


Wow...Happy 4th blog-versary c Ria...! always love to visit here :)

moccavanila at gmail dot com

hi hi hi!!!
i commented on ur blog last week, i guess it didn't send well, someone copied it as their comment idk why and how! :(

Anyway, loveeeee your blog, u got me started with scrapbooking, i think you should now. I made an album for my father's birthday last december cause i was inspired with the birthday gift you made for your daughter. My dad LOVED it! so did I! *grin*

pleassseeeee give me the second gift. I've not afford anything quite like it for my student budget.

so pleeeeeesssssseeeeee.. hahahahaha, enough begging!

E-mail: jezz_1808@yahoo.com

happy blog-versary mba!!
love all ur works, cakep2 ;)
hopefully sometime soon bs ikutan kelasnya biar ketularan =)
*big hugs*

Hi....Happy Fourth Blog-versary.... Semoga Ria selalu dpt inspirasi utk terus ngeluarin karya-karya baru...
Kapan lagi ke Surabaya...ditungu kelas-kelasnya...

ini e-mail ku


Just started scrapping and I would say that your works - incl. This album - are impressive. Keep going!


Baca blog nya mbak Ria selalu bikin terinspirasi..
Pingin banget bisa bikin album2 scrapbook seperti yg mbak Ria punya, but all I make is mini displays..
Album honeymoon aku jg blom selesai2 dibikin :p

once again, happy Anniversary for the blog yaa..

Have a great day!!!


my eyes always open wide for vintage stuff and seven gypsies is one of my favorite products. Am I the lucky one to get those stuff?Hopefully...
And last but not least, cii Riiia..you are my inspiration..HUUUGGG...;)


Mba Ria..inspirational works!!! Mudah-mudahan bisa ikutan kelas nya di MWL soon yaa:) Minggu lalu sempet liat Mba Ria lagi ngajar kelas..Pengen nyapa sih, tapi malu;p

All the best buat ke depannya ya:)


i love photography and papers, and deeper in love after see your wonderful blog. those giveaway stuff just makes me drooling.. me want! thanks for inspiring. :)

agatha -(agatha.febrina@yahoo.com)

masih bisa ikutan ga yah ? *cross finger*

hadiahnya ter-tak bisa ditinggalkan sih :) semoga semoga semoga.


i love the way you scrapbook-ed, hohoho

xo, ayu

woww,,this is the best giveaway I've ever known..
Please pick me to be the winner...I'm longing for that artwork.. :)

Email: jessicalie08@hotmail.com
Blog: jessicalie08.blogspot.com

mba, karyamu mengagumkan deh :))
gak pernah bosen buat liat .. liat .. dan liat lagi :)
*mudah2an aku satu yang beruntung*
aminnn ...

salam kenal, Piena

mba, karyamu mengagumkan deh :))
gak pernah bosen buat liat .. liat .. dan liat lagi :)
*mudah2an aku satu yang beruntung*
aminnn ...

salam kenal, Piena

ikutan ya cii :)


ci Ria..
always amaze with all your artworks,^^
hopefully can get the giveaway, *pray, pray, pray..



happy fourth blog-versary mbak Ria... you are really amazed for me, you are so talented. when I become like you yah??? mmmm.... (I'm daydreaming)
hope I'm the lucky person that get that album (wish , wish and wish .. pray ,pray and pray... choose me, choose me and choose me...) GBU always mbak Ria


giveaway nya bagus2 c'...:)
thank u 4 the chance n congrats 4 your blogversary....


Dear all.......
Thanks so much for joining this giveaway's event!
*BIG hugsss to all*
Now it's closed, so the comment after mine here will not be counted in the drawing on Sunday, July 31st.

Will let the winners known shortly after.

Sending you more love.

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