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Fourth blog-versary - 3rd week giveaway

Hello, beautiful!

Thank you for coming back again 
for the 3rd week!

Hope your weekend is as beautiful as mine here!

In this too-fast-life
we find not many been sought after
more than job that produces more money.
And we know teaching is not included
in that group of job.
Me ? 
No difference.
That's why, I don't call myself a teacher.
That way, my mind will tell me,
I am in the group of people
who don't make enough money.
And it's not a good thing for my energy.
I call myself an artist.
Not in a 'hey-I'm-an-artist-here!' way,
but because an artist always
have a positive thinking about herself,
about what she does,
about the works she made,
and share that positive part of her
to the world.
Sounds good, eh?

And for this third week of celebration
I wanna share some more to you.

I thank each of you deeply
and hug you in my heart
who left comments at my 1st week giveaway
All winners will be chosen at the end
of this month, so if you just happen to be
visiting here now, you still get a chance!

Some of you may already saw
my canvas owl bags at Inacraft last April.
Some even already adopted them.
*thanks a million*
Oh, I love canvas bags....
I want to give not one, not two,
but three canvas bags for you!
That's right.
THREE gifts for THIRD week giveaways,
for THREE winners!
*waving both hands*

one is BEAUTIFUL owl bag above,
second is HAPPY owl bag here,

And third is this LAUGH owl bag here,

Do you like them?
Hope you love them ! 
You can see how I made 
the original painting for the bags
in this post here.

All you have to do is simply the same
with the past two weeks,

1. Leave a comment here below this POST only
2. DO NOT forget to include your email
so I can contact you if you're the winner.
(unless if you are SURE I had yours already)
Some of you are not including email address
at your blog's bio, 
so if I can't contact you,
I'll choose someone else. Clear?
3. Follow my blog (if you haven't done so),
thank youuuu.....
4. Spread this giveaways' news 
on your blog/fb/twitter 
or to your neighbors,
to your co-workers, 
to anybody on the street(heh?),
it's good for your karma.
I believe in karma.
I hope you do too. *wink
5. Only 1 comment/person will be counted.
6. Only comments on my blog will be counted.
Comments on my fb will be appreciated.
7. I'll choose the winner RANDOMLY.
8. I'll send the gift ANYWHERE you are,
so yes, international readers are
very welcome to participate.
9. You can leave comment at all my 
giveaways' posts later (all four of them)
so I'll include you for each gift's drawing
at the end of this month.
That's mean, if you're super lucky,
you can win more than one gift! Yay!
10. If you've not done so,
pray every night.
Not to get this giveaway, of course,
God have millions things to take care of,
you silly!
Pray for your own's sake.

That's it!

Oh, no.
Especially for this week, 
because there are three kind of gifts,
you can include your choice of bag,
Beautiful or Happy or Laugh
and hopefully you will get what you wish!
No promise.....but....
I'll try my best, okay.

Thanks again for coming.
Make sure you are coming back next week
for the final 4th week giveaway.

It'll be very exciting,
I promise....*grin

Have a nice weekend you!

Hi Darling,
I wish the one who get the bag is the first who leave a comment, and that would be me. ** I wish....
In my new busy life, I still follow your blog and still amaze why you still have time to do all this things. Anyway, happy blog-versary & I'll wait for my happy-owl-canvas-bad arrive in my door. :)

love you,

hello... beautiful *i bow to thee


Mbak Ria terimakasih pendapat mbak Ria membuka mataku untuk selalu berpikiran positif dan percaya diri dengan karya yang kita hasilkan apapun itu dan menyebarkan aura positif ke orang disekitar kita ....thanks mbak ...:) kalo boleh milih tasnya aku mau yg beautiful ya mbak :)) email: pramieta_fitriarini@yahoo.co.id

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mbaa Riaaa ...
ikutannn lagi yaaa,
Can't wait to adopt that "Happy Owl" n offcourse I would like to spreading out that Happiness.

warm hopes,
Indah Budi Utari

as usual, im here!! hehe..

waiting the magic pixie dust come to me, then i can have yourr happy chicky owl bag :P

mba ria td abis dari mwl, hehe.. dan liat destination album yg buat bsk tgl 30.. Wow, they are FABULOUS!! Those who will attend the class, will not be regret.. i love the embellishment in it.. and also disney hotel :P



Woohoo 3 owl canvas bags. Praying to get one :))


wow nice canvas bag.. i'll give it a try.


ci ria~~~ thank u for another beautiful giveaway :)

well, don't have really a nice week~~~ but reading your blogs sure brighten up my day :D

keep inspiring as always ci :)

for the bag, whichever will be fine :) but if I can get the 'laugh' owl it will be great :D

thank u so much ci :)

Awww...just saw the announcement from FB :) and absolutely I'd love to win this hehehehehe
who doesn't love OWL ha?
Thanks for the chance to win c Ria :)))

mbak riaaaaaaaaaaa... mauuuuuuuuuuu...berdo'a khusyuk semoga tas unyu2 ini bisa menjadi milikku...hihihihihi..

setiap mampir ke blogmu, pasti membuka cakrawala hehehe...smoga kali ini juga membuka pintu rejeki dapet giveaway..hiyaaaaa...


oh I forgot my e-mail! chanka.putri@gmail.com

ᵔᴥᵔ followed. pake pilihan connect via facebook

ᵔᴥᵔ info tentang giveawaynya udah aku sebar via twitter, cek timeline @IkmaliaAnindita ya. trus udah aku masukin ke sidebar blog aku juga biar blog reader aku pada ikutan.

ᵔᴥᵔ semoga aja bisa menang, soalnya aku suka sama owl dan lagi ngoleksi barang-barang owl. apalagi disamping tulisan owl ada tulisan happynya. jadi berasa si owl mau ngucapain happy birthday buat aku. hehe... iya di akhir bulan ini



my come back for the third gift!!

love the bagss. no LOVE<3 the bags! love the LAUGH one! ha ha ha ha ha, laughing keeps me young!

Give me one pleeasseeeee.. But i want ur 2nd gift really, if i can only get one, i'd LOVE to get the 2nd gift from last week.. *too many requests, grin*

Have you made your choice as to who will win the first and second gift? ahaha..

I yearn for more of your posts! keep up the FANTASTIC works! Don't waste your talent! X)

love love,

Hi, Ria!!
Owl Bag?? Are you kidding me? This giveaway IS made for me! :D

Would love to have the LAUGH owl :) as I believe that even if my heart is feeling down, a simple laugh (or smile) could bring happiness to me. When my heart forgets about happiness... I make my body remembers the gesture (smile or laugh) and hopefully my heart will start to remember the happy feeling soon...

Okay, so...
No. 1 done!
No. 2 moeli_onk@yahoo.com
No. 3 done!
No. 4 will do so (gladly! though i don't wanna have extra competitors here... :P)
No. 5 count mine 10 please... or 100 or 1000! :D
and No. 10 yes, I'll pray each and every night!

Thanks Ria!!

i went into ur class once and i enjoyed it very much . it made me fall in love with scrapbook making eventhou it's a totally new thing.. u made it sound easy and simple.. and yet so beautifully vintage. i hope i can be in ur class again one day and learn more from ur beautiful talent. and btw, i love ur Owl idea.. it is very cute. a different view of that scary real owl ^^
stay creative, Ms Ria

Helen (email: the_coolezt@yahoo.com)

Ria, are u kidding me? 3 bags? OMG, i wish i could be one of the winner *my praying lists are getting longer and longer each week :D*

Smoochs & hugs

i simply adore everything that is handmade by you :)

udah aku follow mbak :D
udah aku share di blog nih

email : ordinary.nyus@yahoo.co.id

tas owlnya lucuu kalo boleh milih, mau yang laugh dong :P
hope, i can be the winner. amin

hug and kisses
nyushebat :)

hallo mbak riia :D
seneng deh aku pastinya kalo bisa dapetin salah satu tas yang unyu munyu kaya gituuuu *mupeng

mau doooong dapet yang beautiful .
semogaaaa *berdoa aminamin

email : riyaddini@ymail.com


ci riaaa.. owl bags >.< omg.. mau ikutannn.. :D:D:D

thanks for the chance ya cii.. and happy fourth blog-versary :D


ci Ria bisa bikin barang jadi menarik dgn design2nya, really inspiring.
Keep blogging ci Ria!

it's such a big n cute owl...
i'm so happy to know you. hope to see you soon :)
my e-mail: oo.scrap@gmail.com

hi mba ria..salam kenal :)

semua rulesnya sudah yaaa..tinggal menunggu kirimannya sampai depan rumah :D

middy stephanie - Achter

how talented you are mbak ria..
it's super cute bag.. me want one! :)


hello :)
i love owls :) and i love the happy bag :) because happiness can make me laugh and make me feel beautiful . ahahaha nice to meet you :)


hello, nice to meet you...
I thought that I fall in love with your work here :)


ah... I forgot my email address!
here it is..

Mba Riaa.. u r like... a goddess to me.. I've been stalking around ur blog since long, but never dare to leave comment .. secara masih nubitol.. hehehe (malu..) i will try my luck on this one.. hehehe.. (praying).. my email : arininiken@yahoo.co.id (praying again.. ^__^ )

I hope I still get a chance to win that beautiful bags! I am so happy finding this blog, finally :)

I will share this lovely giveaway on my facebook & twitter :)

warm regards,

Hallo mbak Ria salam kenal :)

Huhuhu... Tas burung hantunya keren-keren abis :D Mau dong saya yang "Tertawa" tapi jika diberikan yang lainnya gak nolak juga si :P

*email: tobowbow@gmail.com

saya sudah mnyebarkannya di twitter :D Dah di follow juga loh

Beautiful owls, my daughter would love these! I follow on facebook and networked blogs.

halooo mbaaak Riaaaa *waving both hands it's me agaain hihihiihi i love thooose beautiful canvas bags *hope i can win one of course hehe keep on inspiring people as an artist mbak Ria ! and i'm personally thank you for all of the inspiratioon ;)))


Riaaa, aku baru tauu! Ikutan doong... Moga2 dapet moga2 dapet uhu uhu uhu! :D

Ri maap dari hp jd ga keluar alamatnya yg diatas itu hehe


Hi, Ci Ria...
Ana ikutan lagi ya...
sambil berharap..mudah2an..menang n dpt salah satu giveawaynya...^_^

Waaaah owl bag nya bagus bagus semuaaaaa ;) gabisa milih! Heheh
First time visit here, just one word, Amazing! Udah di follow juga loh blog nya. Trus tinggal sebarin berita di blog. Lalu berdoa tiap malem biar menang giveway nya mbak :D
Visit my blog too yaaah ;)

aaaaaahhh burung hantuuuu... maauuuuu
semua syarat sudah dilakukan yah... nyebarin di twitter juga :D

Mbak Ria, aku ikutaaaaaan ah!
sudah aku share di blog, http://dinatainstan.blogspot.com/2011/07/ria-nirwanas-giveaway.html

cant wait to that "LAUGH OWL" hihi


Hello mba ria...nice to meet you here..:),
Ikutan giveawaynya ya..:)
1.email piyo_cutee(at)yahoo(dot)com
2.Done, i'm your follower now
3.Sudah aq sebar lewat twitter
user name @piyocutee
segera aq sebar d blog aq
Aduhh..gemessss liat tas owlnya..sumpah keren banget..d^^b, Semoga aq bisa dapetin tas owlnya yang " Laugh "

Thank You mba Ria...

Halooo saya kembali hehe :) cuma mau ngasi tau kalo aku udah ngepost tentang giveaway nya mbak :D thanks for visit mine yaah :) silahkan dibaca juga post aku heheh

Hai mbak..aku ikutan ya...
1. Done 9udah coment ini)hehe
2. emailku dr.vita15@yahoo.com
3. Done (pake fb rescue iffah)
4 udah aku posting di http://aufalatifah.blogspot.com/2011/07/ria-nirwanassgiveaway-lagi.html sama di twitter @vheythaa

thanks mbak :)

halo mbaaa :) , salam blogger :D

aku udah posting giveaway dari mba di blog ku :)) , heheh

saya sukaaaaaaa , smoga saya dapat . makasih sbelumnya :))

halo mbak Ria :)
i really love owls! hope I'm lucky enough to get one of these bags,
here's my email :
pick me! pick me!^^

rara from raraland ;)

mba ria...kenalan yaa...skalian mo ikutan giveawaynya...udah telat belum yah?

berharap dapat yang Happy, coz aku pasti happy kalo dapat giveaway nya ^__^

sudah aku follow @rumahsipoet craft
sudah aku sebarkan di blog (http://b3craft.blogspot.com/2011/07/giveaway-mba-ria.html) di fb rumahsipoet craft dan twitter @dinib3craft...hehehhe... banyak kan...

terakhir terus berdoa supaya menang...amiiin..

kiss n hug

hai mbak...salam kenal...mo ikut giveawaynya dunk....

1. emailnya : ochie.grissee@gmail.com
2.aku share di fb (akuoci@yahoo.com) sama http://grisseecraft.blogspot.com
3. aku suka semuanya..hehehe....dapat yang manapun pasti aku terima dengan penuh cinta....^_^
semoga kali ini beruntung yahhh....
terima kasih mbak ria...

hi mba.. salam kenal aku tina..
ikutan giveaway-ny ya mb..

uda berhasil di follow
uda disebar di twitter cek aja di timeline @gustiwindra,
uda di pasang juga button tentang giveaway ini di blog,, nhagustina.blogspot.com

di hari jum'at yg penuh berkah ini semoga happy owl bag bisa bergabung dg kumpulan harta karun di kamar yang bakalan aku pake trs, rawat baik2 smp kapanpun...


i wish i could spend my day with happy owl tote bag someday,



waahh ternyata inii yg rame dikerubutin pas inacraft ^_^
ikutan giveawaynya yaa kita mau adopsi laugh-owl bagnya..
kita post di fan page FB yaa
sama di twitter (@tusthatusthi)

oiaa ini email kami,,


This comment has been removed by the author.

saya baru saja mengikuti blog ini. saya mengetahui blog ini dari halaman FB Tustha Tusthi yang mengiklankan tentang giveaway ini.

setalah melihat-lihat beberapa postingnya saya sangat tertarik untuk terus membacanya. semua pembahasannya sangat detail, bahkan pada posting 3rd week giveaway diperlihatkan juga detail pembuatannya... sangat membantu :)

saya suka semua kata-kata yang diletakkan pada tas owlnya.. beautiful, happy dan laugh.. tapi saya harus memilih satu dari 3 tas tersebut, maka LAUGH yg menjadi pilian saya. banyak orang yang sulit untuk tertawa/tersenyum dalam hidupnya walaupun mereka sudah memiliki hidup yang indah. padahal tertawa itu sehat lo...

saya sudah memposting halaman ini diwitter juga facebook. @epinEMPING & Stephine Matasik
semoga bisa menang :)

epin (epin.stephine@yahoo.com)

mbak riaaa.. ahh owlnya itu selalu bikin gemes :))

pick mee mbak *wink

happy blog-versary
randrianiblog@gmail.com - enno

aku bagi2an berita bahagia ttg giveaway ini :))

makasih kesempaytannya mbak ria

hulaaa mb ria:) aku takjub banget liat proses pembuatannya dari link yang dicantumkan..two thumbs up^^

aku ikutan giveway nya ya mbaa..pengen yang beautiful-owl-canvas,indaahh liatnya:D

terima kasih mbaa:)

Sesuai dengan tulisan di avatar twitter saya: be HAPPY!

Sooo.. HAPPY fourth blog-versary! *confetti berjatuhan dari langit


hi mba ^^ salam kenal ^^
saya ikutan giveawaynya ya :)

sy sudah post ttg giveawaynya di blog ^^ http://amecraft.blogspot.com/2011/07/bulan-juli-bulan-giveaway.html

tasnya unik banget :) Biasanya orang bikin owlie yang cerah2.. baru kali ini liat owlie yang nuansanya coklat2 gitu ^_^ kesannya kayak daun2 atau cat2 atau art paper gitu :) keren ^_^

Happy anniversaryyy ! ^_^ wish you all the best and success for you :D


wow, owls again! so cute!
i want to follow this, more over the work of creative people like Mbak Ria are the best and definitely different from the others ..
hopefully can get this cute bag, hehe ...
thanks ..


Hello mba Ria, salam kenal......

What a nice page...and
it's nice giveaway bag.....owlie loli ...luv it very much...
bisa dapat gak yaaaaa?????
Could you pls see my page

newbiecratfter-newbie.blogspot.com ( hehehheh my new blog by newbie blogger )


Thank you

salam kenal ya mbak, aq ikutan ya mbak
sweety.honeysweety.honey1@gmail.com |

Hi Mbak Ria,
Senang deh ngeliat tas2nya..
I wish I could get one of those cute owl bags :)

(blog saya: jessicalie08.blogspot.com)

Salam Mba Ria. This is my first time visit and I'm falling in love with your OWL BAGS instantly. I hope HAPPY version could be mine. :)


sudah aku pasang di fb juga :)
please cek di

makasih mba :)

ci ria..
ketinggalan comment di 3rd week giveaway.
happy+beatiful+laugh owl...yuhuuu
can't wait


Dear all.......
Thanks so much for joining this giveaway's event!
*BIG hugsss to all*
Now it's closed, so the comment after mine here will not be counted in the drawing on Sunday, July 31st.

Will let the winners known shortly after.

Sending you more love.

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