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Say hello to my new owls

Yes, I am happy.

Even when I have to sacrifice my nap
(which I deserve so so much)
on this lovely Sunday afternoon
to edit all the pictures here
and make this post.
Even when I had a hand cramp(again)
last night.
Even when my daughter still on recovery
from the virus that made her
couldn't eat for 3 days now.
And I had to feed her all day 
or else she refused to eat.
Even when my decor deadline coming faster
than a snow ball.

I am happy.

Because the new owls are ready.

They are going to be printed
into several products for INACRAFT 2011.
First thing of course on canvas bags
-which many scrappers who didn't get
a chance to grab the owl bags at Pasar Seni
because they all sold out-
are most waited ones,
maybe also on pencil cases, postcards,
or anything else if I still have time.

I made them in so many short span 
of creating times.
Most of the span were of course
after midnight
when the house was quiet.

As usual, I made the base for the painting
using pattern papers, collage them
using gel medium matt.

Then I left them to dry overnight.
When I was back from work in the afternoon
I played with the new PRIMA masks

I didn't use glimmer mist which usually
very easy to use with masks,
because this time I didn't want to have
bold spraying effect all over the paper.
And I love love love
the result which is really unpredictable.

Just after this steps,
my daughter got fever.
I stay awake with her that night 
until she could sleep,
and I feel asleep beside her.
 The next morning,
after a trip to the doctor,
I canceled all my appointments
for that day and stay at home to feed her.

An hour when she took a nap
I made this progress 
using Donna Downey foam stamp.

 Then I decided to gesso it so the tone
will not be too strong
and competing with the owl later,
then I add green acrylic paint to the edge.

Stamped on other pages

And because the next day she still cranky
and cannot go to school for sure,
I went to the office and back in record time.
*insert a sleepy face here*

More time at home,
I can begin to draw the owls

Leave them for a few hours,
I came back to them after my daughter
feel asleep. And my personal assistant
a.k.a my son, also went to bed tired.
I could outlined the owls calmly.

For a girl who love texture more than anything,
these are far from done.
I picked up my thread and yarns,
and begin to sew the owls.
But since the base were already
thicken by pattern papers in layers,
I had to poke all the holes first.

That night,
I slept with hand cramp. 
*yes, insert again an exhausted face here*

But it's all worth it
when I saw them this morning,
I am so so happy.
And yes, my daughter is also getting better.

Say hello to HAPPY OWL

Say hello to BEAUTIFUL OWL

and last but not least,
say hello to LAUGH OWL,

That's it!
Which one is your favorite?
*insert a smiling face here*

You know me,
I have to write some more words
to make them complete.

And these words are my favorite

Have I told you
that they are limited?
Very limited?

Say hello to them when you see my owls
at INACRAFT 2011, will you?
and they will happily follow you home.

Wow...Love them ALL...genit2 owlnya xixixixixi

Ria dear, I am so so amazed (for thousand times) for your creativity.. You are really one of a kind. Please have enough rest and take good care of yourself too.. See you soon at inacraft :)


OMG !!! .. i am speechless.. you are sooo talented !!!!

You are a brilliant artist!!


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