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Playing with crackle medium

Today is the first day of 
Eid long holiday which we spent
at home -resting and playing-
and I finally find the time
to play with this crackle medium
I bought from my last trip to Sing,
in one of paint supply shop there.

 The instruction said :
1.Basecoat surface, let dry.
2.Apply medium, let dry.
3.Apply contrasting topcoat color.
Topcoat must be applied for
cracking to occur.
Cracking shows when paint dries.

So, I try two different choices :
Red on yellow
(base is light color)
And yellow on red
(base is dark color)

Let's see which one is better.

Just when I finished putting red
as a base, Adam came like Pooh
attracted to honey,
"Mom, can I join you to paint?"

So, I gladly declare him officially
to be my assistant for the demo.

Then I put on the crackle medium
after I speed up the drying process
with heat gun.
And all the photos below
are shoot by my 6yo assistant.
Isn't he amazing or what?

Speed up the drying process 
once again using heat gun,
then apply the topcoat.
I found that a sheer amount of paint
for the topcoat, is better.

After they dried completely,
the red-based are look like these:

and the yellow-based look like these:

These are the result...
compared to each other.
Which one do you like better?
I go with the yellow-based.

Fun. fun. fun.
I am thinking blue on white,
purple on yellow,
and Sage green on pink.

Hope you find some free times
to play too, 
despite the laundry and dishes
waiting to be done today.LOL.
And here is my lovely assistant,
having much fun,
and almost sit on my last night's


Bye for now.
I'll take my assistant 
for a bubble bath.

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so fun! i got to play with paint too on these days of rarity.
Btw, yes the red on yellow looks astonishing. love it.

Dearest Ria, Thanks for the fresh idea always!! Looks really yummyy...i can smell it from here..LOL
Adam...ooh you're really adorable...mom so lucky to have you!! >.*

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