October 6, 2013

Week in The Life 2013 - the finished album

When your life 
is not going anywhere,
it is YOUR fault.
-Edward Suhadi-

How many times a year
you feel that as if your life 
is not going anywhere?
Always the same routine
that made you say,
"What to record in my everyday's life?"
"These are all just usual stuff!"

Yeah, me too.
That many times.

But, looking at these, 
I'm grateful that my life 
is going somewhere interesting.
Somewhere my hubby and I dreamed
long time ago since we first said, I do.
And these WITL projects are sealed proof.
Year, after year, after year.

This year,
I chose this chic 3 binder rings,PL's album.
I love how the word 'TODAY' is highlighted,
as a reminder to be present, always.
May do something to embellish the cover later,
or may be not,
but I am happy with this now.
And simply adding the Monday-Sunday's tabs
from Studio Calico's journal cards
at the top of each day page.

 And these are the inside pages,
begin with MONDAY,

 then with TUESDAY,

go on with WEDNESDAY,

somehow, survive until THURSDAY,

go slow with FRIDAY,

happy with SATURDAY,

and feel incredibly grateful with SUNDAY,

Seven days.
A little tiny portion of our 
three hundred and sixty five days.
But recorded so so much.

Since I only make 'Week in The life'
(seven days) instead of 'Project Life'
(a year), I have the privilege
to have bigger photos inside the 
plastic sleeves.
But if someday I go crazy
and jump into making PL,*LOL*
I definitely will following
Irene Gwen Chow's example,
one of my Singapore's fav scrapper,
who made her PL beautifully and
effectively with smaller pics. 

The year is 2013,
and I'm still NOT 
into hybrid scrapbooking.
I love texture on my scrapbook.
I love something that I can touch
with my fingers and feel serene.

So this is me,
few days back.
Un-stopable with my giant stock 
of washi tapes,
added layers outside the sleeves.

 After that,
The pages seem weaving themselves into place.

How about your life-recording?
Make sure you take time to record it,
since it ain't coming back.
Nor wait.

Greatest life lessons
are abundant around you.
Train yourself HOW to see.
-Edward Suhadi-

always remember...

September 15, 2013

Week in The Life 2013 - day seven

All you have in the end
is to be able to look back
and like the choices you made.
-Matt Damon-

Sunday is here.
 Always about wanting to do
or doing nothing.
*Okay, the last one is my wish*

And, this Sunday filled with...

peeking here...

more peeking here...








movie watching...

grocery shopping...

dinner burger-ing...

and finally....resting.

That's it.
This is the last day of 
'Week in The Life' 2013 project.
Kinda sad.
But yet excited to pull all the pictures,
print them tomorrow,
and can actually starting to scrap them.

My 2011 'Week in The Life' is here.

Thank you Ali,
Thanks to you all who 
joining along this awesome project this year,
or to you who just following the stories
day by day here or on Facebook.
Don't forget to share the link
of your finished album, okay?

Let's do the album!

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